March 31, 2020

Pay off multiple loans using the Profit First

Profit First Methodology
Ronald B. Allen

How to pay off multiple loans and other forms of debt using the Profit First method

Pay the minimum balances due out of your Operating Expenses account. These should be considered "regular" bill payments. Then, use any money you have left in Operating Expenses after paying your other "regular" bills to make an additional payment to your smallest debt.  

No matter what, keep allocating to your Profit account on the 10th and 25th. This may sound crazy since you have debt to pay, but you MUST build up that habit of always taking your Profit first.  

When you do your quarterly profit distribution, take 95% to 99% of that distribution money and use it to make an additional payment to your smallest debt. The goal is to pay off your smallest debt as quickly as possible.

The remainder of your quarterly profit distribution (5% to 1%) is used for you to celebrate. This process has you constantly chipping away at debt (from Operating Expenses) and then quarterly hitting that debt really hard. It is kind of like boxing... jab, jab, jab, then a massive right hook.

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