Sales are often the first thing that needs fixed.
Sales is the first level in the business hierarchy of needs.
When you are not making any money despite careful thought,substantial investment, and lots of effort, your business has a problem. Unfortunately, many business owners are swamped handling day to day details. They don’t have the time or inclination to identify the specific problems that they need to fix. And, they do not have the unique skilled offered by Fix This Next coaches. One of the core needs of your business is to make a profit. If this is not happening despite lots of time and effort, you need help.

If the high sales and low profit picture sounds like your business, you may benefit from the Fix This Next method. You may well be too busy to work through to a viable solution and to keep tracking the results of your efforts. Here is where Fix This Next coaches like Exigo Business Solutions come into the picture. Enlist our help and take your business to the next level.
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Fixing Profit in Your Business

If you are making sales and have healthy cash flow coming in the door but are not seeing a profit. How can you fix that? Fix This Next coaches like Exigo Business Solutions have strong accounting backgrounds as well as years of experience observing businesses and advising business owners. A key issue is the efficiency of your workforce. A common problem is how Parkinson’s Law affects the efficiency of your business. This “law” is simply the tendency for work on any project to take until the deadline and for the cost of a project to never come in under budget. At Exigo Business Solutions,we help our clients track business operations, find inefficiencies, and eradicate them.

Another possibility is that you are not charging enough for your products or services and thus are giving them away. Alternatively, you could be charging too much and driving business away. A well-designed accounting system that generates customized reports is a key feature of any effort to improve profits.

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Fix this Next will clarify what needs to be fixed in your sales process.

Remedy Your Profit Problems With the Fix This Next Approach

Fix This Next Approach to profit problems
While sales are basic to your business, there are times when you sales really are OK but costs are eating up sales revenue before you get any fits. Here is where experienced Fix This Next coaches, especially accountants, are critical in the first stage of this process. You need to clearly identify your issue before applying any fixes!

What Is a Fix This Next Coach?

Fix this Next coaches help bring your business to the next level.
Fix This Next coaches are a select group of accountants and bookkeepers as well as business coaches who specialize in identifying and fixing core business needs. Exigo Business Solutions is, in fact, a Founding Fixer. In addition to doing your accounting and tax returns, we will help you identify and fix your basic business problems and bring your business to the next level.
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