Mental Health Practices

No one knows the value of making realistic, informed decisions better than a mental health professional. You also know cookie-cutter solutions rarely work for individuals. What’s more, you understand that your mental health practice won’t prosper unless you manage your finances skillfully. Yet, your time and energy are stretched to the limit without adding the chores of bookkeeping and accounting. Why not get help with your financial processes?  When you outsource these tasks to Exigo Business Solutions, you can focus on providing the therapy your clients need most. 

Accounting Services for Mental Health Practices

Elizabeth started her mental health practice several years ago. She found great fulfillment in helping her clients live better, more satisfying lives, but the grind of managing her finances was making her feel stressed and overworked. She wanted to spend less time doing accounting chores and more time seeing clients as well as spending time with her loved ones.

As a mental health professional, Elizabeth has always said that seeking help when you need it is essential to good mental health. So, when she began to feel overwhelmed with the work of managing her finances, she decided it was time to take her own advice. She had never outsourced such important tasks before, but she wanted to get back to focusing on meeting her clients’ needs.

When Elizabeth found out that Exigo Business Solutions offered accounting, bookkeeping, and financial advising specifically designed for mental health practices, she was almost ready to take the plunge. After researching the company, she was even more excited to get started.

During her first free strategy session, Elizabeth was pleased that Exigo Business Solutions spent the time to get to know her practice, her needs, and her goals for the future. In addition to offering excellent bookkeeping and accounting services, they explained how their expertise in the Profit First and the Fix This Next philosophies could help her improve her therapy business and move towards greater profitability. 

After partnering with Exigo Business Solutions, Elizabeth has seen her therapy business thrive. Exigo Business Solutions took good care of all her bookkeeping tasks so that she had more time to follow her passion for helping clients. She was impressed not only with their accuracy but also with their financial advice that positioned her therapy business for success.

Mental health therapists who outsource their daily financial tasks to Exigo Business Solutions free up their time to do the things they enjoy and do best. Best of all, the expert financial advice they receive helps them discover and move towards their true potential for profitability. 

Fix This Next in Mental Health Practices

As a Founding Fix This Next Advisor, Exigo Business Solutions has extensive expertise in helping mental health practices improve their businesses over time. They help you identify problems in your business and guide you in prioritizing solutions to implement each step of the way. With their expert advice, you can make the right decisions to improve each area of your business in the most systematic and advantageous way.

Why Mental Health Practices Choose Exigo Business Solutions

Exigo Business Solutions offers the outsourced accounting and bookkeeping services mental health practices need to run a smooth, profitable therapy business. They increase accuracy in your records and reports, ensuring that your business meets all its financial requirements while you have more time to focus on your own professional specialty. As Founding Fix This Next Advisors, they help you solve each challenge in your therapy business in the order that best benefits your practice. At the same time, our cash coaches show you the best ways to increase profitability in your specific business with customized solutions that mesh with your long-term business goals. 

If you are a therapy practice owner who wants more time to focus on helping your clients, Exigo Business Solutions is here to help. With personalized solutions, we guide you toward financial success, providing you with financial data and professional insights so you can make informed decisions that move you steadily toward true profitability.