We know how hard is to run a business. We provide you with the opportunity to focus on the parts of your business that you love by focusing on the parts that we love - accounting, bookkeeping, and coaching.

What small business owner doesn’t want to come to work feeling optimistic and powerful?

Booming business gives founders the flexibility to spend more time with clients, friends, and family, and gives them the capital to invest in their future. At Exigo Business Solutions, we know that you want to make your business profitable. But doing so is easier said than done.

To increase your business’s profitability, you need the confidence to make smart financial decisions, the accounting acumen to pay taxes correctly and on time, and the discipline to control expenses. But right now, you don’t have the cash flow to pay your taxes, let alone pay yourself what you truly deserve. And even if your not struggling this year, you probably don’t have a financial plan to sustain that success in the future. 

How is it possible to work so hard, yet make so little?

How are you supposed to know how to grow your business without a finance background?

Scariest of all, are you even capable of changing the direction of your business?

Finding the time and energy to educate yourself can feel impossible when you’re spending all day serving your clients. And when you’re just trying to get through the day, finding ways to minimizing expenses and reevaluating your rate structure inevitably fall to the bottom of your to-do list.

We know you signed up to be an expert in your field — not a financial guru. That being said, you shouldn’t have to feel stuck or dejected. Your hard work should pay off.

At Exigo Business Solutions, we help small business owners dramatically change the trajectory of their business.

In fact, our mission is to eradicate entrepreneurial poverty and help businesses be more profitable. We do this by managing all aspects of accounting for your. We even provide tax preparation and payroll services.

With our help, you’ll:


Implement a platform that optimizes your payroll, tax preparation, and financial planning in minutes


Consistently close our customers’ books quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively


Minimize mistakes by integrating with technology and systems you already have 


Get personalized coaching and customized reports 


Get an effective and efficient business plan


Trim down business costs


Be paid first

What you find boring, we find fun.

We are financial experts who specialize in accounting and bookkeeping for small businesses. We aren’t a black box. We explain what we’re doing and coach you along the way.

So stop making the same costly mistakes on your taxes and payroll.

Stop the perpetual loop of self-doubt, dissatisfaction, and defeat. Instead, preserve your emotional well-being by outsourcing the work you hate. Get advice on how to reduce your expenses, up your rates, and get a plan in place to boost your earnings over the next 1, 5, 10 years.

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