What is Receipt Bank?

Receipt Bank is a software that provides automated bookkeeping services. The number one rule in accounting is to have documentation for EVERYTHING! Which means saving those pesky receipts. With Receipt Bank, you are now able to take a picture of the receipt as soon as you acquire it and it automatically populates the information needed.

After submitting the image, check the descriptions to make sure everything was picked up accurately and toss that pesky receipt in the trash. Have receipts emailed to you? Email them to Receipt Bank and you are done! After submitting your receipt to Receipt Bank, we gain instant access to the image as well as all the detailed information and can match it up with the transaction in the bank feed.

After making this system a habit, it will be easier for both your team and ours to keep your books clean and detailed. There will no longer be guess work on where things belong or what they are!

Learn How to Use Receipt Bank!

What is Receipt Bank

Learn what Receipt Bank is and what it can do for your business when used.

Single Receipt Submission

A tutorial walking through the steps to submit a single receipt using Receipt Bank

Multiple Receipt Submission

A tutorial that walks you through the process of submitting multiple receipts at a time using Receipt Bank.

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