what is the impact of your business
Fix this next coaches can help your business have an impact.
There are businesses that come and go and businesses that last. And, while some businesses merely exist to make sales, gain a profit, and pay the bills, others have a lasting impact on their community or even the world. If you would like for your business to have an impact, Fix This Next Coaches can help you make that happen.
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Making an Impact with Your Business

Making an impact in businessmaking an impact with your business
Jeff Bezos started out selling books online and ended up with a business that has changed the nature of retailing forever. Henry Ford started out making cars and created the automobile assembly line what has led to increasingly efficient manufacturing. Jobs and Wosniak started out assembling small computers in their garage and started a revolution in desktop computing. And, of course, Jobs came back to Apple and brought us the iPhone which has resulted in a smartphone in every pocket.

The list goes on and on. While some businesses simply fill their business niche, they are easily replaceable by their competitors. And,others are unique in ways that make them indispensable. The question arises,are there common factors that connect the companies with an impact? Many had great ideas but all too many great ideas fall by the wayside or get taken over by competitors. There are two sets of factors here. One is that businesses which have an impact have attended to their business hierarchy of needs and are functioning efficiently at all levels. You can do this too with the help of a Fix This Next coach! The other factors are things that generally only happen once your business is in order. For example, businesses that have an impact generally look to provide benefits to their clients beyond a simple business transaction. These businesses build a sense of higher purpose and belonging that transforms them. But, to get there you need to put your house in order first of all!

How Does Your Company Get to
Where It Has (and Keeps) an Impact?

Fix This Next Approach to profit problems
Businesses that fail are typically like chains with just one or two weak links. There is a business hierarchy of needs and businesses that do not attend to the lowest and most basic needs never make it, no matter how great their ideas or how hard everyone works. They tend to eat up your time and investment capital and typically fade away only for someone better organized to pick up the idea and make it a success.

How can you prevent this from happening so that your business goes on to make an impact? When you work with Fix This Next coaches like Exigo Business Solutions, we will help you identify the most basic business need that is not being satisfied.
The fact of the matter is that when you don’t fix a basic problem like sales, you will never have any luck with making a profit. And, when you don’t keep your house in order and let expense seat up your revenue, you are always putting out fires and cannot move to the next level. In order to be in a position to have a strong and lasting impact in your business niche, on your community, or even the world, you need to have all of the “weak links” discovered and fixed. Then you need to move organizing things so that basic business issues are handled automatically and you only need to check reports on a periodic basis.

This is the level at which you can your company can be creative, come up with new approaches to old problems, make new products, or develop new and efficient services. This is the level at which your company can have an impact. To get this point, talk to a Fix This Next coach like Exigo Business Solutions today.
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Do You Need a Fix This Next Coach For Your
Company to Make a Difference?

Fix This Next Approach to profit problems
Make a difference in your business with the help of a fix this next advisorfix this next coaches are uniquely trained to make an impact in your business
Too many business owners drown in the details of running their business. They know that there are problems and when they fix something they feel really good.

Unfortunately, all too often they are fixing the wrong thing or the solution they implement causes other problems. And, then there is the problem of keeping track to see if the solution is being implemented and, if so, if it is still working months later. When you have solved these issues, you can start working on transformational change.

At this level a Fix This Net Coach can help you with team building, ideas for getting your employees engaged in helping customers as partners instead of just making sales and a whole lot more.

Fix This Next coaches are uniquely trained accountants,bookkeepers, and business coaches who have the skills, experience, and extra training to hunt down core business issues and apply effective and permanent fixes. It is by dealing with every core issue and weak link that you can build a business that largely runs itself and gives you the opportunity to do the things that bring further improvements and lasting impact.
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