Exigo Business Solutions helps businesses grow by applying principles from "Fix This Next" by Mike Michalowicz. The book's Business Hierarchy of Needs prioritizes critical issues for business owners to address.

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A Comprehensive Breakdown

As a leading consulting firm, Exigo Business Solutions is excited to help businesses grow and thrive using the game-changing principles from the book "Fix This Next" by Mike Michalowicz. The book introduces a transformative concept known as the Business Priority Pyramid, which helps business owners identify and prioritize the most critical issues to address at any given time. This methodology revolves around understanding the business priority pyramid, which is composed of five core levels:

Sales: The foundation of your business, focusing on generating income to fuel your company's growth.

Profit: Ensuring your business remains financially healthy by managing expenses and retaining earnings.

Order: Streamlining operations and processes to create an organized and efficient business.

Impact: Making a meaningful difference in the lives of your customers and the world around you.

Legacy: Establishing a long-lasting and positive influence that transcends your involvement in the business.

Unlocking the Power of the Impact Level

The Impact Level, in particular, holds the key to transforming your business from a profit-generating machine to a force for positive change. When you reach this level, you're ready to create meaningful impact beyond financial success. Here are five critical elements of the Impact Level:

Transformation Orientation: This is the shift in focus from mere profit generation to making a meaningful difference in the world. You'll be driven by a purpose that transcends monetary gains, allowing your business to evolve and grow.

Mission Motivation: Your business will be guided by a powerful mission statement that inspires your team and customers alike. This mission will become the driving force behind your company's decisions and strategies.

Dream Alignment: Your business will align with the dreams and aspirations of your employees, customers, and stakeholders. This synergy will foster loyalty, commitment, and a shared sense of purpose.

Feedback Integrity: By actively seeking feedback from your customers, employees, and partners, you'll maintain a strong connection with their needs and desires, helping you to refine and improve your offerings continuously.

Complementary Network: Building a network of like-minded organizations and individuals will help you amplify your impact. By working together, you can create a ripple effect that reaches far beyond your immediate sphere of influence.

Our services include:

Fix This Next

At Exigo Business Solutions, we specialize in helping businesses like yours implement the Fix This Next methodology. Our expert consultants will work closely with you to identify your most pressing needs, create tailored strategies, and guide you towards achieving your impact goals. Our services include:


Identifying the most pressing issues in your business priority pyramid


Developing customized strategies to address these issues


Providing ongoing support and guidance to ensure lasting success

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