achieving business permanence
Fix this next can help your business create a legacy
There are businesses that come and go and businesses that last. And, while some businesses merely exist to make sales, gain a profit, and pay the bills, others have a lasting impact on their community or even the world. If you would like for your business to have an impact, Fix This Next Coaches can help you make that happen.
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Will Your Business Continue after You Are Gone?

Businesses that are still around after the original owner has retired have several things in common. If your goal is to achieve business permanence, you need to consider those factors. And, you need to attend to all levels of the business hierarchy of needs so that your business stays strong along the way. An excellent way to do this is to work with one of the Fix This Next coaches at Exigo Business Solutions.
Businesses that last have these characteristics in common:
  • Customers identify with and support yourproducts and services
  • You have a solid plan in place for your successor
  • The business has a clear long term vision andactively adjusts as needed
  • The business design includes active improvement and adaptation
And, these businesses get to this state by first taking care of every level of the business hierarchy of needs starting with sales and profit. Successful businesses that get to the stage of permanence are run efficiently at every level and have systems in place that handle many issues automatically. The managers and owner are kept up to date with customized reports that highlight both the big picture and critical details.
If you want your business to run efficiently and profitably,to make a lasting impact on your community, and to be there after you have retired, talk to a Fix This Next coach at Exigo Business Solutions today.

Getting to the Legacy Stage for Your Business

Fix This Next Approach to profit problems
Making an impact in businessmaking an impact with your business
Legacy is the term that Fix This Next uses for businesses that last beyond the years when the original owner is running things. Like most things in life and business, what appears to be an insurmountable task is actually a set of many small tasks.

When you work with a Fix This Next coach you will be able to spot basic business needs and fix them before they sap the vitality out of your operation. When you are aiming for permanence, you can work along two tracks.One is to deal with sales, profits, and business efficiency, and the other is to start laying the groundwork for a business legacy.

At Exigo Business Solutions we know the ways to get your employees and even your customers engaged with your products and services to that they become your best marketers. We have long experience in helping business owners plan for a transition of leadership. And, what we do every day with our clients is help them develop automated solutions to tedious jobs so that work gets done on time, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

When you want your business to succeed, become more profitable, and be highly efficient and organized, work with the Fix This Next Coaches as Exigo Business Solutions.
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