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Exigo is committed to educating business owners on their financial health, providing a transformation strategy and helping them experience their profit.

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Financial Health

Exigo is committed to educating business owners about their financial health. But what does that mean? It means that we take care of your accounting and bookkeeping needs. Our team will complete the monthly reconciliations,depreciation and inventory tracking, managing accounts payable and processing payroll.

Our enrolled agents will prepare the business returns and be involved in tax planning for your business. We also utilize our fully vetted tech stack to ensure that our clients are IRS compliant. After closing each month, our team generates custom reports for your business. Our goal is to provide the best possible information to our clients and to do this we schedule monthly meetings to go over the financials and other custom reports to make sure that you understand the financial health of your business.

Larger organizations could also benefit from our Virtual CFO service. Schedule Now to learn more!

Financial Health
What is your business plan?

Financial Transformational Strategy

In order to run your business effectively and efficiently, a business plan is vital. The business plan should encompass the organizations vision,mission and values and use them to identify the ideal customer. Our tech stack will allow for integration with QBO to aid with the budget and forecasting. We also guide our clients with strategic planning, which includes assessing the external environment, identifying critical issues using SWOT analysis, creating strategic intent and objectives, developing key strategies and initiatives. Schedule Now to learn more!

Experience Profit in Your Business

Exigo utilizes the Profit First cash management philosophy to help clients experience their profit, but what does that mean? Profit First is a simple system that rearranges the formula for profit. Our team will conduct an assessment on your company to determine how your revenue is currently being allocated to expenses and profit. We will then use the assessment to create a game plan for your business. The game plan includes which Profit First bank accounts to open and how much of the top line revenue will be allocated to each account. This system will allow you to take your Profit first, from the top line revenue and help control expenses. Utilizing this philosophy will allow you to see the profit in the bank and experience it through distributions. Schedule Now to learn more!

You can learn to experience profit in your business.