Physical Therapy Practices

As a physical therapist, you understand the importance of precision. You know your clients will only get better when you provide evidence-based therapy to the highest standards. Unfortunately, keeping accurate business records may be more of a challenge. If bookkeeping and accounting aren’t in your wheelhouse, they become a time-consuming and frustrating burden. The good news is that you could have more freedom to pursue your passion and enjoy time with your loved ones. Exigo Business Solutions can give you that freedom by providing the most accurate bookkeeping, complete accounting services, and financial advising you can trust.

Accounting Services for a Physical Therapy Practice

Eli started his physical therapy practice shortly after completing his education and residency. While Eli was excited about the prospect of helping clients regain their physical well-being, he found that running the financial end of the business was unpleasant and often overwhelming. Physical therapy was his thing, but keeping his finances straight was an unpleasant but necessary aspect of having a physical therapy practice. With all the accounting tasks he was doing, Eli had too little time to enjoy the things and people he loved best.

Eli knew that outsourcing his accounting and bookkeeping was a possibility, but he didn’t know if he could trust an outside accountant to be accurate enough. What’s more, he wondered if any accounting firm could truly understand the unique challenges his practice was facing. He needed help, but he didn’t know where to turn.

One day, after a valued client’s last therapy session, Eli congratulated his client on his amazing progress. The client told him that it wouldn’t have been possible to devote so much time and energy to his therapy if he hadn’t had accounting help from Exigo Business Solutions. Eli wanted to know more, so he researched the accounting firm and found that they offered bookkeeping and accounting services tailor-made for therapy businesses. He further learned that Exigo Business Solutions is a Profit First Professional and a Founding Fix This Next Advisor.

Once Eli began partnering with Exigo Business Solutions, he noticed immediate changes in his workdays. After seeing the last client each day, he could wrap things up very quickly and go home to his wife and son. At the same time, his accounting tasks were always completed promptly and accurately. Even better, he knew he could trust Exigo Business Solutions to provide customized financial management and advice based on his individual practice. Eli felt freer than he had since he began his practice.

Exigo Business Solutions is a great option for physical practice owners who value precision and wish for freedom from tasks outside their area of expertise. With Exigo Business Solutions as their financial management partner, they know that their accounting is in good hands, and they’ll get sound business advice from a team that understands physical therapy practices.

Profit First for Physical Therapy Practices

As a Profit First Professional, Exigo Business Solutions provides accurate bookkeeping and accounting services aimed at increasing profitability. When you partner with Exigo Business Solutions, you also get the benefit of their experience in helping healthcare practices flourish. You can leave many financial tasks to the Exigo Business Solutions team and funnel your extra time into serving your clients.

Profit First Professionals like Exigo Business Solutions offer cash management services customized to your individual physical therapy practice. They design a personalized accounting system for you to keep your financial records in order. They also provide more advanced financial services such as Profit First advising to help you systematically increase your profitability over time. You have more free time, even as you improve your therapy business.

As a Profit First Professional, Exigo Business Solutions has special insight into the many ways to increase profitability. They know how to look for unnecessary expenses and opportunities to increase the profitability of your practice. Everything Exigo Business Solutions does for you is expertly fitted to your individual practice.