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August 2, 2019

Importance of Scalable Accounting Software

Importance of Scalable Accounting Software
Importance of Scalable Accounting Software

When you started a small business, you dreamed of growth, several successful business entities under one business umbrella, and steadily increasing profits. Well, now your business has grown. You have several business entities in several locations and you are finding that keeping track of what is going on in every nook and cranny of your business empire is getting more and more difficult. And, you believe that your profits are suffering because 1) you are not seeing and taking advantage of new business opportunities and 2) you are totally missing those hidden costs that can leech profits out of any business. You did pretty well with these issues when all of your business was under one roof and your QuickBooks accounting software gave you custom reports that highlighted both problems and opportunities. But, you are seeing the importance of scalable accounting software that also integrates with important business functions for seamless business operations. We have a suggestion for your next scalable accounting software but first of all, here are some thoughts about scalable business software.

The Importance of Scalable Business Software and Systems

Scalability is simply a system’s capacity to efficiently handle increasing workloads. For a growing business, this typically means having more data storage and processing capacity, the integration of multiple business functions, and advanced programming that lets you see both potential problems and opportunities in real time. And, it means that the system is designed in such a way that taking on larger workloads, more business functions, and more business intelligence solutions is as simple as purchasing an add on or two. Many accounting software solutions come in multiple versions so that you can upgrade from one to the next. But, the best scalability is when the single program is designed in such a way as to easily take on more work without having to reprogram or reload software.

When Is Scalability Important and When Isn’t It?

There are niche businesses that control their markets, have a secure customer base, and simply need a basic bookkeeping tool. The problem for such a business is that one day a foreign competitor comes along with the same product or service which they are providing for a lower price and delivering more rapidly and efficiently. If you are ready to close your small business and retire, you probably won’t worry about this. But, anyone else should be concerned.  

It is often said that politics is the art of the possible but the same is really true about a successful business. And, you only see what is possible when you use smart accounting and business management software and when that software integrates with your other business functions. As the top accounting firm in the Kansas City area, we see this sort of situation all of the time fully recognize the importance of scalable accounting software. If you now have a business that operates as several different entities and especially if you have a high tech business with all that entails, our suggestion is to consider Gravity account software.

Gravity Scalable Accounting Software

At Exigo Business Solutions in the Kansas City area, we like Gravity Software for several reasons. It is an excellent fit for high tech companies with their unique business models, managed service billing, Software-as-a-Service products, and employees working on multiple projects with multiple customers in multiple locations. The comprehensive nature of Gravity Software allows efficient and cost-efficient tracking and management of all of this.

The other and more frequent place where we recommend Gravity Software is for the company that has grown into several entities, in several locations, selling a variety of different products and services. Such entities often are best set up as legally and financially separate operations but you still need to manage them all and be able to see both the important details and the big picture.  

Multiple Entity Financial Tracking

When each of your separate business entities is using its own software, even if it is multiple versions of the same software, you really don’t get the whole story told in one and information and solutions at one part of your business operations is not communicating useful information to help the other parts of your business. In fact, your back office financial tracking is not connected to sales and customer relations management so that your businesses are disjointed and you are both missing opportunities and not seeing problems before they become huge.

Gravity Software is your solution for these issues. With Gravity Software, you can have five separate legal entities working in a database at one time. Data can be shared and kept secure as needed. Multilevel permissions let those who need to see important data have ready access across all business entities. And, the same system of permissions makes sure that those without a need to know never see the information that they shouldn’t.  

If you have used QuickBooks accounting software, you are familiar with the custom reports that help you see both the big picture and the important details. This is what Gravity Software does but on a larger scale with multiple business entities, services, products, locations, and customers.

Because Gravity Software keeps track of all of your multiple business operations in real time there is no waiting to get separate reports from each of your business locations. And the programming is so advanced that you will see exactly the information that you want and need in real time.

Multiple Entity Financial Tracking
Multiple Entity Financial Tracking

Cloud-Based Gravity Software

As you may have guessed already, Gravity Software is a cloud-based system which is how it can handle many separate business entities in one accounting package. And, because the system is cloud-based, you can access the information that you need from any place where you have an internet connection. And, just as importantly, this applies to employees who are working remotely or teams of workers who are collaborating on a project from multiple locations. Because Gravity Software integrates with business intelligence solutions like Microsoft Power BI, it offers even more robust reporting and problem-solving abilities.

Integrated Business Functions with Gravity Software

And, last but by no means least; Gravity Software integrates your customer relations management issues with your accounting functions. When your back office, sales, marketing, and customer service functions are interconnected you will be able to see all of your business from one vantage point. This is really the greatest advantage of scalable accounting software like Gravity Software.

If you would like to talk about upgrading your accounting software to a scalable solution such as Gravity Software, contact us at Exigo Business Solutions in the Kansas City area today.

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