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Marketing plays an integral role for small businesses. Even if you have excellent employees, sell the best products, or offer top-notch services, your business may not grow as expected if you do not have a well-planned marketing strategy. As a business owner, you need to identify your customers and develop a plan to make them patronize your business. Having a Strategy First Mindset will help get your company known and have a solid online presence.
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Review of WordAgents

Marketing Strategy
April 30, 2021

Finding a reliable content creator is challenging, especially because of how saturated the freelance market is now. Sometimes, it's best to go with a content writing agency like WordAgents. 

Learn more about how this company can improve your rankings and authority with rapid seven-day turnarounds. 

What is WordAgents? 

WordAgents is a content writing agency powered by more than 500 North American writers. They're known for providing incredibly high-quality, keyword-optimized articles with swift turnarounds. In fact, those features represent two out of the three main parts of their selling point: 

  • SEO written content: SEO is the name of the game if you're ever going to have a significant web presence. This is the key to earning organic traffic for your website, which in turn, will improve your visibility, expand your audience reach, and boost your conversion rates. 
  • Content at scale: Scaling your online platform essentially means that you can shrink or expand your business as needed. For instance, during Christmastime, you'll want to increase content production on holiday topics. WordAgents' massive writing team can turn over 10,000 words in 7 days for those crunch times. 
  • Rapid delivery: Speaking of 7-day turnarounds, this is a critical factor that sets WordAgents apart. Outsourcing your work to a contractor can be hit-and-miss, as you never know whether they will follow up on set deadlines, maintain open communication, etc. WordAgents hits the ground running and delivers every time. 

Another significant distinction is that WordAgents was founded and is currently headed by an experienced digital marketer, Vincent D'Eletto. Why is this important? 

Well, with Vincent's experience, the writers can stay up-to-date on all the latest SEO best practices, ensuring your content stays at the top of the SERPs with each publication. 

What's so Important About Keyword-Optimized Articles? 

The significance of this can't be understated. For one, you want to make sure that your content lands on the first page or at least stands a fighting chance to compete with the bigwigs. 

Sixty-eight percent of all online experiences start with a search engine. Further, more than half of all web traffic stems from organic searches, meaning that when your prospective customer enters an inquiry into a Google, Bing, or another search bar, their online activity from then on contributes to that organic count. You can't afford to go without keyword-optimized articles. 

Trying to go the cheap route by boosting your published articles for free on social media won't cut it. SEO content fuels over 1,000% more traffic than social media. 

Choosing to go with a professional SEO content writing service could mean the difference between your business growing or you adding to the 90.63% of pages that don't get organic traffic through Google. 

How WordAgents Works

WordAgents is all about making things easy on the small business owner, blogger, and anyone who needs to produce content online. Here are some critical details on what to expect when working with this company. 

Who Can WordAgents Write For?

Before you venture too deep into their process, you should first understand who WordAgents can primarily produce content for:

  • Publishers: To build your authority and grow your brand, you need hundreds of published how-to articles, reviews, and more to top the SERPs. WordAgents can help you out with scalable, fairly-priced content that's plagiarism-checked and proofread.
  • Marketing Agencies: SEO content at scale is arguably much more vital for online agencies. WordAgents offers well-researched, optimized content to boost your clients' web performance. 
  • eCommerce Professionals: Contrary to popular belief, "content" isn't just blog articles and landing pages. It also includes things like product descriptions, which are essential to boosting your store's inventory's visibility. WordAgents provides search-optimized content to bring in more customers for you. 
  • Local Businesses: Half of all web surfers who look for local brick-and-mortar businesses go to that store the very same day, so this is essential to increasing your foot traffic. 

They've worked with some pretty well-respected businesses, illustrating just how trusted and high-quality WordAgents' work really is. Their portfolio includes J.D. Power, Acme Tools, Digital Trends, and more. 

Order Submission and Delivery Process

No matter what category you fall into, WordAgents makes it incredibly easy for you to get your orders in and publish the content on your site in no time. It's as simple as this:

  1. Select a pricing package. Some folks believe that WordAgents' prices are high. This depends on what you're looking for. If you're looking for cheap articles without perks like search engine optimization and plagiarism checks, then sure, $0.06 per word is pricey. But honestly, their packages are great values for the quality. 
  2. Order the content. It only takes a few minutes to enter the order details. All you need to do is tell them your preferred word count, provide the topic description and any keywords you want to integrate. For example, I just do a quick Google search and write a brief outline with key points I want to be covered, and that's it! 
  3. Wait for your finished work. The team of 500+ North American writers will produce content that is clear, fluff-free, "hyper-accurate," and engaging. Before they send it to you, they check for plagiarism, proofread, and ensure accuracy. Upon request, they'll use select SEO tools to ensure your content ranks. 
  4. Receive your order. Within 7 days (per 10K words), your content will be handed over to you. It's that easy! If you need any changes, you're welcome to ask for up to two revisions. WordAgents promises a 2-3-day turnaround for completed changes. 

WordAgents Pricing

This company offers content in bulk, with savings as you order higher word counts. This is where you need to determine how much you value quality over quantity. Here are their basic packages:

  • Bronze: This is available at $0.114 per word. The package includes 1,000 words with two complimentary editing rounds, keyword optimization, and in-depth research. Guaranteed delivery within seven days. 
  • Platinum: This comes with the same perks as the Bronze package, but at a discount, amounting to $0.095 per word for 5,000 words. 
  • Gold: The perks remain the same, now at $0.076 per word for 10,000 words. This is the most popular package on their site. 
  • Platinum: You can order a whopping 20,000 words at $0.057 per word. 

If their Platinum package isn't enough for you, don't worry, you can still bump it up. WordAgents offers up to 180,000 words for 50% off the Platinum package. When you order 200,000-2 million words, you get access to "extra bulk pricing" and VIP perks. 

WordAgents Pros and Cons

WordAgents is great for most content publishers, thanks to the versatility of their content types, their 10+ years of experience across several industries, and their massive writing team. Still, they may not be the best company for everyone. Here are some of the most important pros and cons about working with WordAgents:


  • All their writers are based in North America. This guarantees consistency in grammar and overall language and allows you to capitalize on the most popular English dialect on the web. 
  • They prioritize SEO, ensuring that your content will perform well against your competitors. 
  • Each package comes with two complimentary rounds of "reasonable" revisions. 
  • Content is delivered incredibly fast, within seven days for every 10,000 words. 


  • They are more expensive than some alternatives or hiring a freelance writer directly. 
  • You can't choose your writers, so there's no guarantee that you can repeatedly work with a writer you've gotten comfortable with. 


WordAgents is a premium content writing company that delivers on their promise of high-quality, keyword-optimized articles that'll boost your traffic and visibility. If you publish any sort of content online, they're the perfect content creators for you. 

When you're ready for your site to rank high on the SERPs, head over to their website and get the package that works best for you.

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