March 31, 2020

Using QuickBooks, Live Plan, and Profit First

Small Business
By: Ronald B. Allen

At Exigo Business Solutions our goal is to help you meet your small business goals. We love to help our clients turn their dreams into a profitable reality. To do this, we use tools, such as QuickBooks, LivePlan, and Profit First, which are all specifically designed to help small businesses like yours grow.


QuickBooks is a product of Intuit. Intuit started with a focus on the individual (with Quicken) and then expanded to small to medium-sized businesses with QuickBooks. And that is the focus that they have successfully maintained QuickBooks offers small and medium businesses the tools that they need to correctly track finances and see the financial health of the business. This strong focus on small business aligns perfectly with our work at Exigo Business Solutions. This is why we offer QuickBooks ProAdvisor Services.


A big part of our business at Exigo Business Solutions is helping entrepreneurs turn their dreams into reality. The problem can be that an entrepreneur can have a great idea and tremendous expertise in their area of knowledge, they might have no knowledge or experience in how to write a business plan, obtain startup capital, or oversee the finances of their (initially) small business. LivePlan is an ideal fit for the person who has lots of technical, practical and/or scientific expertise, but no real business experience. This is why we offer LivePlan as a tool for helping start and successfully run a small business.

Profit First

A successful small business starts as a dream and, with good planning, long hours, and hard work becomes a reality. Two of the pitfalls that can slow down a small business are ineffective budgeting and poor cash flow management. We at Exigo Business Solutions see this repeatedly with our new clients. Our remedy for this two-fold problem is the Profit First system for keeping the books. This method provides a clear view of the finances and institutes an effective approach to managing finances. We are Certified Profit First Professionals whose ultimate goal is to help you more effectively manage your business finances and maximize your profits, from the very first. We help ensure that your set up for success.

The Small Business Is the Bedrock of the Community

At Exigo Business Solutions we believe that small business is the lifeblood of any community. From a strictly monetary point of view, small businesses hire local people and their salaries are spent in the community. Small businesses support the local tax base. Roughly two-thirds of the money spent at a local small business stays in the community as opposed to four-tenths for a national chain. And, because local small businesses do not have to limit themselves to the products and services of a national franchise, the variety and quality are often better.

It is typically the small business owner who promotes community improvement projects and often it is an association of small business owners that funds them. And, the personal relationships between small business owners and the community help knit together the fabric of community life.These are the things that we at Exigo Business Solutions believe in. When a small business prospers, so does the community. When we work with a small business to maximize profits, we want the business to succeed and we know that the community will benefit as well. To this end, we use tools like QuickBooks accounting software that helps small businesses manage their finances. Likewise, this is why we help entrepreneurs develop their businesses using LivePlan. And, most profitably, this is why we use the Profit First method to help small businesses realize, and bank, a profit from day one.

If you would like to talk about how we can help your small business, please schedule a free consultation with Exigo Business Solutions. We can help you take your business to the next level of success and profitability.

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