March 31, 2020

QBO Reminds Clients of Overdue Invoices

QuickBooks Online
By: Ronald B. Allen

One of the basic and important tasks in running any business is sending invoices, keeping track of payments, and getting paid for your products and services. During good times and bad, there will always be invoices that are not paid on time. This may simply be an oversight on the part of the customer to whom you sent that invoice. Or it may be a repetitive occurrence. In either case, the first thing you always want to do is send a reminder. Luckily, QBO reminds you of overdue invoices.

Finding and Dealing with Overdue Invoices

Sending invoices and keeping track of payments are both jobs that are often done in batches. Thus, you may not notice that an invoice is overdue until the next time you check. And, if all you are used to doing is banking the money you receive, you may actually be missing several overdue invoices! Here is where having QuickBooks Online comes to the rescue. QBO reminds you of overdue invoices and helps you send timely reminders to yourself and to your client with automated routines in QuickBooks Online.

QBO Automated Routines

When you have jobs that sometimes “fall through the cracks,” it is handy to have an automated routine that spots an issue and deals with it in a timely manner. That is what QBO automated routines do.

Click the Gear Icon at the right-hand top of the screen. From the menu that appears and in the list under Tools, choose Manage Routines. The first time you do this you will see a welcome message, stating that these routines save time when you have repetitive tasks and that these actions can be automated in QuickBooks. Click the Get Started button. When you have already used this feature, you will click Manage Routines and go directly to the Manage Routines page where you will see a set of templates already set up by QuickBooks.

Premade templates do jobs like reminding yourself of unpaid bills or overdue invoices and letting your customers know when you received payment.

Reminding Yourself or Your Client of an Overdue Invoice

To use the preset QBO routines to simply keep track of overdue invoices and set up reminders, use the routine with this name: Remind Yourself or Customers about their past due invoices.

The Routine Name for this chore is preset as Overdue invoice alert. You can leave the name as it is or change it as you wish.

There is a checkbox just below which lets you apply these alerts only to specific customers. If that is your wish, check the checkbox.

The next line is titled If total amount is. Here you have a drop-down list to choose from. The choices are these:

Equal to

More than

More than or equal to

Less than

Less than or equal to

Not equal to

And the box to the right is the amount to enter. For example, you can simply set this to “more than” and “0” and any overdue amount will be flagged.

The next line is When do you want to stamp the invoice?

Like the amount setting, this setting gives you the choice of exactly when to flag the invoice if it meets your overdue criteria. The default setting is “before due date” and “1” day but you can set this however you like as before, day of, or after with the number days you choose.

Now you will compose the email reminder from the choices that QBO provides. The subject is set to read Invoice QBO Doc Number is overdue #. QBO will insert the appropriate invoice number for QBO Doc Number and when you hover over the number sign you see a dropdown list from which you will make a choice of a subtotal amount or the full amount of the invoice. The message is preset to greet with the customer’s name and notify them of their overdue invoice by invoice number and give the amount that is overdue. And, it closes with your company name. The message greeting, body, and closing can all be edited to suit your specific needs.

Mark an Invoice’s Memo When It Is Overdue

This automated routine makes a note in the memo field of the invoice. The default setting is OVERDUE with a drop-down menu so it can be edited to anything that you want. The name of the routine is Stamp overdue invoices but this can also be changed as desired.

Just like with the reminder routine you can click the checkbox to only use it for specific customers. And you can set the balance amount plus less than, equal to, etc. and an amount. And, you can pick when to stamp the invoice in relation to the invoice due date.

Activating Your Automated Routines

After you set up these two routines, they will appear under the heading Your Routines. This lists the Name, Latest Activity, Active or Inactive, and Actions.

The latest activity is just that, when the routine went into action and carried out its function. The routine will be inactive by default. And you can toggle from active to inactive and back by clicking the action column.

Checking Your Results

When you have created or edited your automated routines you can look in the client’s account to see the memo noting an overdue invoice. And when you click at the top of the page to see the client’s emails you will be able to verify that an email has been sent reminding the client of his or her overdue invoice.

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