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Strategic planning is a process. It helps you to document and establish a direction for your small business. Strategic planning allows you to define your business's mission, vision, and values. A well-formulated business strategy can play an essential role in your company's growth and eventual success as it tells you and your employees how to respond to challenges and opportunities.
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Weekly Outsourced Bookkeeping Services

Business Strategy

At Exigo Business Solutions we offer outsourced bookkeeping services. These can include doing all of your bookkeeping or just selected tasks. The benefits that you receive from our weekly outsourced bookkeeping services are such that they usually pay for themselves. Here is a rundown of the services that we offer, the benefit to you, and the manner in which the benefits will help reduce the cost of or even pay for our services.

Weekly Outsourced Bookkeeping Services with Exigo Business Solutions

We offer weekly bookkeeping services that are essential for the smooth running of your business. These include weekly Receipt Bank Transaction coding, monthly QBO file review with reconciliation, both basic and advanced financial reports, and a financial video review when needed.

Weekly Receipt Bank Transaction Coding

Receipt Bank is an automated bookkeeping software that starts by taking a digital picture of every receipt. There is no more need to store physical receipts for years as the digital information is now in your bookkeeping system. To make this system work, you take a digital photo and then we feed it into your bookkeeping software. That is the transaction coding that is necessary for any business receipt.

At Exigo Business Solutions we provide this service for up to 800 transactions a month for $1,395 a month. For more than 800 transactions a month our charges are $2,875 or $4,750 a month, depending on just how many transactions are required. When you pay us to do your Receipt Bank transaction coding, you relieve your in-house bookkeeping staff of doing this task. However, it is usually not a one to one exchange of paying your employees versus paying us. Our professionals have years of experience with this tool, use it efficiently and do so without unnecessary errors or problems.

When you quit storing paper receipts you free up storage space what would otherwise keep expanding year after year. You will not have the problem of tracking down old paper receipts that have been forgotten for years. This level of efficiency provides you with increasing savings year after year. You will start by getting a more efficient service that greatly reduces the cost of outsourcing this service and the cost-reduction will only get better as the years go by.

Monthly QBO File Review

No matter how diligent we think we are, errors tend to creep into business bookkeeping. Finding these problems early is the key to keeping your bookkeeping accurate and not creating confusing or contradictory reports. Exigo Business Solutions offers month QBO file reviews for a base price of $675. Our bookkeeping experts can do this job efficiently, find any problems, and fix them. First of all, this saves the time and money it would have taken to track down errors on your own and it saves you from living with bookkeeping errors that continually cause problems in your reports, predictions, and business. This is truly one of the outsourced bookkeeping services that can pay for itself.

Monthly Reconciliation

Errors that have crept into your bookkeeping system can be fixed with a monthly file review. However, you then need to reconcile your banking, credit card, and other accounts with your basic bookkeeping. This is another task that is best done on a regular basis and in a timely manner so that small mistakes do not lead to long term problems. At Exigo Business Solutions we do this task for up to 7 accounts for $675 or $1,395 a month depending on the exact number of accounts we need to reconcile. For more than 8 accounts our charges range from $2,875 to $4,750 depending on the precise number of accounts reconciled. As with your file reviews, seeing and fixing problems before they cause chronic problems pays for itself over time.

Basic Financial Reports

The value of good bookkeeping goes beyond simply getting the numbers right. Using tools like QuickBooks Custom reports and other business intelligence tools, a business can gain insights, spot problems, and see opportunities from well-constructed financial reports. At Exigo Business Solutions, we provide basic financial reports for $675 a month or $1,375, depending on the complexity of your business and accounts. The value of solid reports lies in their ability to help you spot problems, see opportunities, and run your business more efficiently. More commonly than not, the benefit you will receive from well-constructed reports will exceed the monthly cost.

Advanced Financial Reports

As your business grows and becomes more complex, it can be hard to keep track of the details. And, when you miss the details, the big picture can also become unclear. Using advanced financial reports driving by business intelligence tools, you can maintain a clear view of and control over your business. We provide this service for $2,875 or $4,750, depending on the size and complexity of your business. With advanced financial reports you will not lose business efficiency and clarity as you grow, will be able to maintain control, and will realize greater profits. As with basic reports, advanced financial reports will typically provide benefits far in excess of what you pay for them.

Financial Video Review

When you look at your advanced financial reports, you may have questions. And, sometimes, it is easier to speak to someone than to pour through the reports looking for the key features. We provide a financial video review along with a one hour call to walk you through your reports and answer questions. Many of our clients ask for this feature in addition to our other weekly outsourced bookkeeping services. The cost of this service will range from $675 a month to $4,750 depending on the complexity and size of your business. The benefits can make the difference between a business that is barely getting by and one that is thriving.

In general, you will pay $16,740 a year for outsourced bookkeeping services and institution of the Profit First system. For a business with yearly revenue of $279,000 this comes to six percent of revenue. For $334,800 it comes to five percent. With annual revenue of $418,000 it comes to four percent. If your annual revenue is $558,000 you will be paying three percent and a company with annual revenue of $837,000 will be paying two percent of revenue for weekly outsourced bookkeeping services and Profit First.

For more information about how our weekly outsourced bookkeeping services can help your business, contact us at Exigo Business Solutions in the Kansas City area.

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Business Strategy

Strategic planning is a process. It helps you to document and establish a direction for your small business. Strategic planning allows you to define your business's mission, vision, and values. A well-formulated business strategy can play an essential role in your company's growth and eventual success as it tells you and your employees how to respond to challenges and opportunities.
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