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New Year Resolution: Do These 3 Things

January 15, 2019

Here we are at the New Year, the time for making resolutions. In the case of your bookkeeping, it is the time to resolve to dig deeper into the features of QuickBooks Online.

The thing about New Year resolutions is that we often bite off more than we can chew and never really accomplish our goal. Maybe you will resolve to learn more about QuickBooks Online and use all of its great features. That sort of resolution can be hard to follow through on because it is such an all or nothing proposition. A better approach is to decide that this month you will learn three new QuickBooks Online features.

The three we suggest are the QuickBooks Online Mobile App, creating a budget, and customizing sales forms.

Learn to Use the Mobile App for QuickBooks Online

You already knew that QuickBooks Online can be accessed from any computer with internet access anywhere in the world. But, you very likely do not carry a laptop computer with you everywhere you go. But, you do carry your smartphone and the QuickBooks Online App comes in both Android and iOS operating systems.

It does not matter if you have a smartphone with a small screen, you can still use it do necessary accounting jobs anywhere. You will be surprised how many of the QBO features you use in the office can be accessed with the QuickBooks Online App.  

Using the App you will be able to view, edit, or create invoices, sales receipts, and estimates and you will be able to look at abbreviated versions of vendor and customer records. You will be able to find service and product records as well as tools that let you record expenses when on the road.

Resolve to learn to use the QuickBooks Online Mobile App this month!

Create Your Budget for This Month

Do budgets scare you? If that is the truth, you are not the first businessperson to be intimidated by this basic business task. Many small businesses just wing it with estimating monthly and yearly expenses and income. But, to really get a handle on your finances you need to do this. Start by building a budget just for this month.

With QuickBooks Online open just click the gear icon in upper right-hand corner of the screen. Choose Budgeting and Add budget which opens the New Budget window.

Name your budget. January Budget is just fine or even February Budget if you are getting going on your New Year resolution a little late. Then choose FY2019. The Interval is set at Monthly. Leave it there and click the Pre-fill data? menu and click Actual data –2018 (in the event that you need to enter data from last year). Now click Create Budget down in the right lower corner. If you had a budget for last year you can check the number for last February numbers and decide how you believe they will change in 2019.  

Then replace the 2018 numbers with your 2019 estimates.

It is easy to create a framework for your budget using QuickBooks Online

Our suggestion for the New Year is that you try setting up a budget for this month or next. You may well have questions and if you do contact us for help and we can assist you in setting up a complete annual budget.

Take Shot at Customizing Your Sales Forms

Every time you email a customer or send something in the mail you leave an impression of you and your business. Is that image consistent with who you are and what you do? Is it an attractive image or not? You can use tools in QuickBooks Online to make sure that you are presenting the image that you want your customers to see. And, you do need to be a professional graphic designer to accomplish this task!

Begin with a click on the gear icon and then choose Your Company | Custom Form Styles.

The first time you work on this task the screen you see will have one entry, Your Master Form. This is the standard QuickBooks Online form. The make changes just click Edit and you will four options.


This section will contain links to the modifications you can make for the visuals for your sales forms. Here you can change the default fonts, pick a color, or add a logo.

QuickBooks Online gives you the tools to modify a logo or other aspects of your sales forms.


By simply unchecking or checking the boxes you will be able to remove or add standard columns on the invoice, like Quantity, Date, and so forth.


This is also where you can edit standard email messages and the forms they contain.


Here is the reminder that your QuickBooks Online supports payments online, which is meant to get you paid faster. You can modify these forms here.

I Resolve to Do These Three Things in QuickBooks Online This Month

Please repeat this phrase three times and then get started. The most important part is the first step. And, once you get going, let us know at Exigo Business Solutions if you have questions. We offer QuickBooks ProAdvisor Services will be pleased to help with a specific task or help you with the degree of QuickBooks training that you want and need.

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