Business Strategy

Strategic planning is a process. It helps you to document and establish a direction for your small business. Strategic planning allows you to define your business's mission, vision, and values. A well-formulated business strategy can play an essential role in your company's growth and eventual success as it tells you and your employees how to respond to challenges and opportunities.
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Monthly Bookkeeping Packages

Business Strategy

The monthly bookkeeping packages that we offer at Exigo Business Solutions include doing all of the work or just the parts that you want to outsource. We will the work on time, accurately, and for less that it costs you in house. In fact, the benefits you will receive from our expertise will commonly include reduced business expenses, better cash flow management, improved budgeting, and even higher profits.

Weekly and Monthly Bookkeeping Packages

Your bookkeeping helps keep your business running efficiently as it provides you with financial insights that help head off problems and take advantage of opportunities. We offer standard bookkeeping as well as essential services such as monthly of your QBO files, bank and credit card account reconciliation, coding of Receipt Bank transactions, basic financial reports, advanced financial reports as needed, and financial video reviews as necessary.

Monthly QBO File Review

To err is human and that applies to bookkeeping as well as the rest of the human condition. That is why we provide businesses with a monthly review of their QBO file. When you track down and eliminate errors in your bookkeeping files, the problems do not accumulate and cause greater troubles down the line. We offer this monthly bookkeeping package by itself starting at $675. Stay ahead of the problem of error accumulation and your financial reports will provide accurate information, your predictions will be on the money, and your business will run smoothly. This is the first one of our monthly bookkeeping packages that truly pays for itself.

Monthly Account Reconciliation

Businesses typically have separate accounts for their general bookkeeping, credit cards and banking. While you may be keeping mistakes out of your QBO file, the numbers may be different in these other accounts. Monthly account reconciliation is important as it keeps all of your bookkeeping files on the “same page.”  This is another of our monthly bookkeeping packages that tend to pay for itself in finding and fixing mistakes before they grow and hurt your business. Our base rate for this service will depend on how large your business is and how complex your operations are. We offer this essential service for $675 to $1,395 a month for up to seven accounts. For eight accounts or more, our charge ranges from $2,875 to $4,750 according to the amount of work required.

Weekly Coding of Receipt Bank Transactions

If your business is not using Receipt Bank, it probably should. Paper receipts pile up over the years, require storage space, and are a pain when you need to retrieve old information. Receipt Bank software lets you take a digital photo of each receipt and put the information into your bookkeeping system. This is called transaction coding. Your staff takes photos of the receipts and puts the images into Receipt Bank. We handle the coding of transactions. You can then throw out the receipts, get rid of your storage problem, and not worry about how to find old info hidden in the boxes in a closet.

This is another one of our monthly bookkeeping packages that pay for itself and more over the years as you avoid the accumulation of paper receipts. For up to eight hundred monthly transactions we charge $1,395. And, when you have more than eight hundred, our charge ranges from $2,875 to $4,750 according to the exact number of transactions that we will be coding. You can do this task in house but our trained professionals typically do the job faster, more accurately, and cheaper than most companies can do it themselves. Rather than this being a one to one tradeoff, you will typically save money when we do the job.

Basic and Advanced Financial Reports

The point of doing your bookkeeping is that you need to know what is going on with your business. You want to know how much money is coming in, how it is being spent, and why your profit (or loss) is what it is. Depending on the complexity and size of your business, we will recommend either basic or advanced reports.

Basic Financial Reports

With bookkeeping programs like QuickBooks you not only get accurate numbers but also get a clear picture of how your business is doing. We provide meaningful financial reports for businesses at every stage of development. As often as not, basic financial reports are more important for a business that is starting out than for one that is established. We will apply the right level of business intelligence to your reports that match your needs. Our basic financial reports start at $675 and may go up to $1,375 as your finances become more complicated. Our goal is always to provide you with the insights needed to see business opportunities, avoid problems, and run an efficient and profitable business. As with the rest of our monthly bookkeeping packages, the goal is to provide benefits in excess of the cost.

Advanced Financial Reports

Finding the details and problems becomes a bigger challenge as your business grows, you operate out of more than one location, add products and services, and even branch out into different types of businesses. To maintain control, you need advanced financial reports with QuickBooks or even Gravity Software. Our charge for this service starts at $2,875 a month and goes up to $4,750 for more complicated businesses. More so than with basic reports, the benefits of a clear view of the big picture and the details of your business result in savings and profits and far exceed the cost of this service.

Video Review of Your Finances

While all of the necessary information is in the financial reports that we provide, many business owners prefer a video “walk-through” that points them in the right direction. We are always pleased to send you a video to help you understand the high points and essential details of your financial reports. Most of our clients prefer to review the video and the reports and then take advantage of our one hour, face to face, session. You may want this feature every month along with our other monthly bookkeeping package or from time to time when there are issues that you need help dealing with. Our charge for financial video reviews and the one hour meeting starts at $675 and goes up to $4,750 for more complex and larger businesses. If you want to move a business that is just getting by to the next level of efficiency and profits, this is a good way to go.

Outsourced Bookkeeping and Institution of the Profit First System

As we noted at the beginning, we provide our clients with expertise and insights beyond the standard bookkeeping tasks that we take over. A business approach that many of our clients have found to be profitable is the Profit First method. This approach makes profit a habit, improves your cash flow management and budgeting, and takes your business to the next level. Our charge for handling all of your outsourced bookkeeping jobs and instituting Profit First in your business is $16,740. For a business with $837,000 in annual revenue, this is two percent for your bookkeeping and a business method that guarantees a profit.

Please contact us at Exigo Business Solutions in the Kansas City area for more information about how our monthly bookkeeping packages can help your business.

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Business Strategy

Strategic planning is a process. It helps you to document and establish a direction for your small business. Strategic planning allows you to define your business's mission, vision, and values. A well-formulated business strategy can play an essential role in your company's growth and eventual success as it tells you and your employees how to respond to challenges and opportunities.
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