March 31, 2020

Integrate Circulus with QBO

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By: Ronald B. Allen

One of the certainties in life, along with paying taxes, is paying the bills. For a small business, the expense incurred is not just the amount paid to a vendor, but the time and cost involved in tracking and paying the bills. And, a great way to do that is to use an automated payment system that seamlessly integrates with your QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop. Here we look at how you can integrate with Circulus with QBO and pay automatically.


Circulus is a company that provides technology services and solutions aimed at optimizing organizational efficiency. Their solutions can be applied to both small business and larger organizations. Their main focus and the reason we are interested in their product is accounts payable (AP) automation.

Not only does Circulus offer increased flexibility in how you pay the bills, but it has a whole host of other features that make this an attractive way to automate bill payment.

Circulus supports a basic process to enter and pay a single bill and has the ability to support a more extensive review of multiple bills and efficient approval of the same. When you are paying a lot of bills and need to maintain effective oversight, Circulus meets this need. All activities in the system are time and date stamped to provide an intuitive and easy-to-follow audit trail. Payment history, vendor balances, outstanding payments and more are available with a click. And, their platform allows you to both share and export data as needed.

For a small business that uses QuickBooks, Circulus will integrate with your system. The program offers data synchronization automatically on a daily basis and can be updated “on-demand” as well. Integrate with Circulus and pay bills automatically. You will save time and money and have better control of your accounts payable.

Full and Sufficient Control of the Process

A business owner’s nightmare is that someone is playing around with the books, making fake payments, or simply not paying attention and paying bills twice or in inflated amounts. An excellent feature of Circulus is that it can establish separate and distinct roles in the bill paying process. Thus one employee may post bills for payment, another may check for validity, another may OK payment, and another may actually carry out payments. This can be as complete or as streamlined as you choose to make it. But, with Circulus, your employees will work with role-based dashboards. Those who need to see all data will have that ability, but those who have a narrowly defined role will be limited in data access or the ability to edit or carry out actions outside of their defined role. This is an excellent “sleep better at night” feature of Circulus.

All of Your Bill Paying Operations in One Place

The problem with a non-automated bill paying system is that it takes more time and repeated actions are prone to human error. Having to go back into your accounting software to find and code data is time consuming compared to an automated program that knows where to go and what to do and does it a lot faster than you can. And, because with Circulus all bill payment takes place “under one roof” you can see the whole picture and the details up to the minute and whenever necessary. Integrate Circulus with QBO and pay bills automatically. You will get these features.

• API integration with QuickBooks Online as well as Desktop

• On-demand account synchronization every day as desired

• Quick views of payables and their supporting documents

• Necessary information about vendors and their credits

If you are interested in more information about Circulus follow the link or contact us at Exigo Business Solutions today.

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