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Get Your Small Business Rank #1 on Google

April 28, 2020

You have a website for your small business. But, your expectations of more folks buying your products and services have not materialized. The customers you have are happy and come back regularly. Why are you not getting more business from that website? What you want is to find your business listed on the major search engine, Google. Here are some thoughts about how to get your small business ranked number one on Google and as a result have more business coming to your door.

Ranking on Google

For those who are not internet-savvy, here is how it works. About a trillion times a year, people all over the earth search for something on the internet. The vast majority of searches in the USA use the Google search engine. You might have guessed this from the fact that “google it” has become synonymous with doing an internet search!

When someone enters a search term, Google’s computer software provides fifteen pages or more of results with ten results per page. The old joke is that if you want to hide a body put it on the second page of Google results. Two-thirds of those searching on Google never look past the first page.

So, how do you get your small business ranked number one on Google on the first page?

For the search term, "What is Real Revenue," Exigo Business Solutions ranks number one on Google and has the "Google Widget."

What Do You Want to Rank for?

The first and most obvious answer to this question is that you want to rank for search terms that will bring paying customers to your door. For example:

1. If you are a local business you want local people to find you on the internet

2. You want people looking for the products and services you sell to find you before they choose your competitors

3. You are not necessarily competing against large companies elsewhere in the nation

When you post content on your website you should be using keywords that you expect will match the search terms used by your customers.

When you have an insurance business in Liberty, Missouri you should include Liberty, the Kansas City area, or any of the surrounding towns and suburbs in your keyword along with “insurance agent,” “insurance services,” and so forth.

If you are an optometrist and specialize in preventing blue light damage to the eyes of children, that should be part of the keyword you use along with the area where your business is located.

And, as a health care practice in Leavenworth, Kansas you are not competing against the Mayo Clinic for open heart surgery patients. So, make sure to mention Leavenworth, general medicine, internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology in your keywords. Let the open heart surgeries go to Mayo and bring local patients to your door.

Medium and Long-Tailed Keywords

If you have an insurance agency and want to bring business in via your website, don’t bother with using “insurance” as a keyword. Try googling this and you will find Allstate, Farmers, and Liberty Mutual as well as Wikipedia and Investopedia on the first page of Google.

You are never going to be able to compete with these folks, their long-established websites, huge number of back links, and state of the art search engine optimization. But, in fact, you don’t want to. What you want is for folks to come to your site who are likely to become customers.

So, “insurance agent Kansas City area” will give you a better shot in your area against the big insurance companies. And, “auto insurance Independence Missouri” might be better yet.

Of course, if you use “Liberty Missouri insurance agent with twenty-five years of experience” you might just end up on the first page of Google in the first slot for folks who entered exactly that search term. But, the problem is this. When you use a too-short keyword you get crowded out by the big guys. When you use an extremely long-tailed keyword you may rank well but nobody is going to use that search term except you!

The good news is that all you need is for a couple of pages on your website to rank well. And, you can write lots of pages. Try varying lengths of keywords and track your results with a tool like Moz Pro or have someone like Exigo Business Solutions with SEO experience help you out.

How to get your small business ranked number one on Google starts by picking the right keywords.
Front Page of Google "Widget" for number one ranked article for search term "Smart Vault vs Google Drive"

Content is King

Over the years Google has made its ranking algorithm smarter and smarter. Their goal is to provide their customers, the folks who search on Google, with the most relevant results from their searches. Behind all of the keywords, descriptions, titles, links, Meta data, and the rest is the content you post on your site. If you want to get on the first page of Google you need to write content that is useful to folks who want to buy insurance, get their eyes checked, or find a doctor.

Get Help if You Need It

Not everyone is a good writer, crackerjack SEO expert, or even interested in being either of these things. You have a good business and you spend your time running your business. A lot of that work involves delegation. You can outsource your bookkeeping, use the results of your bookkeeping to drive your business decisions, or outsource the content writing and SEO for your website. Contact us today if you need help getting ranked on the first page of Google.

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