March 31, 2020

Get the Exact Bookkeeping That You Need

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Ronald B. Allen

How To Pay For and Get the Exact Bookkeeping That You Need

There are two common reasons why business owners outsource their bookkeeping. One is that the job is being done badly and the owner cannot see what is going on with the business. The other is that the owner believes that outsourcing this function will cost less than paying an employee to do it. With smart outsourcing, you can pay for and get exactly the bookkeeping that you need. But, if you pick the right company for the task, like Exigo Business Solutions, there will be some pleasant surprises in store that go above just standard bookkeeping.

Better Bookkeeping Leads to Better Profits

A common misconception is that bookkeeping is just about counting the cash coming in, paying expenses, and deciding if there is a profit or a loss. But the right bookkeeper, right tools, and the right bookkeeping system can make all the difference in the world for the profitability of your business. That is because a small business owner needs to be able to accurately see the big picture as well as the important details. When your books show you what is really going on in your business, you can cut unnecessary costs, increase spending where it will help, and see your profit increase. There is a bookkeeping method specifically designed to help your profits grow.

Profit First Bookkeeping

In the world of accounting, there is ordinary bookkeeping and there is profitable bookkeeping.  As you run your small business, you need to focus on what you do to gain customers, make sales, and put money on the books. But, when you are really busy, expenses can pile up, almost unnoticed. The Profit First bookkeeping method is what you need in order to deal with that tendency.

In the Profit First system, money is allocated for profit with each and every bookkeeping cycle. When you get into the habit of doing this, you will see your cash reserves steadily increase. And, you will need to confront those hidden expenses that have been eating away at your bottom line. Using the QuickBooks bookkeeping application specifically for small business, Exigo Business Solutions can provide you with QuickBooks custom reports. These reports will give you a clear financial picture of your business. Using this tool you will cut expenses where needed. Better budgeting, cash flow management, and steady profits will be the norm for your business, instead of an elusive dream.

Why Outsource Your Bookkeeping?

So, you like the idea of better bookkeeping and steady profits.  Can’t you just start using the Profit First system? Well, this is one of those things with a label saying, only for use with adult supervision! In this case, the “adults” are the team of Certified Profit First Masters. You are good at your business, but you need more effective bookkeeping. Our life’s work is helping businesses like yours budget, manage their cash flow more efficiently, and see a steady and increasing profit. Contact us at Exigo Business Solutions for a free analysis of your business.

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