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Automate Your Billing and Payments with Bill.com

December 31, 2018

A successful business sells its products and services to bring cash in the door. And that same successful business learns to control costs by doing all business tasks as efficiently as possible. Billing clients and paying bills need to be automated in this day and age. Otherwise, it becomes a tedious process that eats up resources, both time and money. In today’s business world successful businesses do not generate and store paper receipts but are paperless. If you have not moved into this new world you need to automate your billing and payments with Bill.com.

Bill.com Integrates with Your QuickBooks Online

If you are using the best small business bookkeeping software, QuickBooks Online, it is easy to integrate with Bill.com. With Bill.com you will spend roughly half as much time paying bills. Using Bill.com you can pay 1099 contractors as well as both U.S. and international vendors. With Bill.com you get a system that allows you to both store and search for receipts, checks, and invoices.

With Bill.com business typically pays three times faster and you benefit from a flat rate for ACH transfer fees. All customers receive electronic invoices and you can track the status of your invoices in real time.

When you use Bill.com you can send ACH payments or have Bill.com mail paper checks.

A Smart Business Uses Smart Solutions

At Exigo Business Solutions we work every day to make our clients as successful as they can be. We use the Profit First accounting method to give our businesses a profit each and every month and we use this same approach to help them control cash flow and budgeting. Taking charge of how much time your employees spend on each and every repetitive task is an integral part of controlling costs. And, when you are still dealing with paper systems for billing and paying bills you are wasting time and money.

When we work with a new business we help them upgrade their bookkeeping and accounting processes and generate useful and actionable reports. With QuickBooks Custom reports or other business intelligence solutions our clients are able to spot the cost inefficiencies in their businesses and take steps to fix them.

Information that you have in your QuickBooks or integrated with it is information that you can pull up in a report. For example, you can look at how much time it takes to do invoices and send them in a paper-based system and how much less time consuming and how much less expensive it is when you convert to an automated system like Bill.com integrated with your QuickBooks Online.

Get Control of Your Costs and Maximize Your Profits

When you outsource your bookkeeping it should not be done to get the job accomplished for less. It should be done to get a better work product. Good bookkeeping is an integral part of a successful business and with accurate data and insightful reports it more than pays for itself. If you are a business in the Kansas City area that is interested in automating your billing and payments with Bill.com or in other ways upgrading your business operations, contact us today for top-notch professional support.

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