February 10, 2020

The 2019 QuickBooks Online Features

QuickBooks Online
Ronald B. Allen

Intuit is always innovating and 2019 was another banner year of new and exciting features in QuickBooks Online. Here are some of them.

You may or may not have seen all of the features, even if you looked thoroughly, because Intuit rolls these features out a few at a time and some will not be up and running until 2020 arrives.

Especially if you were not in the first wave using many of the new QuickBooks Online features, we will let you know what is coming.Perhaps your version of QuickBooks Online already has these features but you have not noticed them. Read this update of what is on your QuickBooks Online horizon.

The Create Button Is in a New Place

In the past, you have always clicked the plus (+) sign in the right upper corner and this opened the Create window for invoices, bills, sales receipts, single-time activities, and more. Now there is a “+New” button in the upper left corner.

Instant Deposits

QuickBooks Online users who use online Payments will be able to use make credit card or bank transfer payments within 30 minutes for a fee of 1%. Funds are directed to your VISA or MasterCard debit card (issued in the USA).

Mileage Tracker

The Mileage Tracker was previously only available to QuickBooks Self-Employed users but now will be available to all QuickBooks Online users. This great tool does what its name implies, it lets you track all miles related to business to give you a total to enter the appropriate spot on your tax form and to simply keep track of how many miles your employees are travelling for work. When entering data manually, you can enter the miles traveled or the addresses where you start and stop. If you use the QuickBooks Mobile app, just make sure the GPS is turned on and it sends the data to your smartphone!

Have You Checked Out the 2019 QuickBooks Online Features? The mileage app is great!
You can keep track of business miles manually or automatically with the Mileage Tracker from QuickBooks Online.And, it even calculates your tax deduction!

QuickBooks Mobile App Has New Navigation Tools

Most QuickBooks Online users navigate from the list of features for their QuickBooks Mobile App. That will change soon with a totally different look. There will be icons for common tasks like Mileage, Expenses, Transactions, and more. You will be able to access these by clicking the Shortcuts tab or looking beneath the All tab.

Managing Health Benefits

QuickBooks Online now lets you evaluate coverage for health, vision, and dental, both to compare and to buy.

Capturing Receipts

If you want to quit using the inefficient “shoe box”method of putting receipts aside until tax time and then tallying them up,QuickBooks Online has an answer.

Click photos of your receipts and put them into QuickBooks Online using one of three methods:

·        Scan using the mobile app

·        Upload, drag, and drop

·        Forward the images though email

QuickBooks Online automatically categorizes and matches receipts to transactions. It alerts you if there is not match so that you can create a new transaction. Then you will find your receipts in the Receipts dashboard beneath the Banking tab.

Multilingual Invoicing

As companies do more and more business overseas, sending invoices in English is not always the best idea. With this issue in mind,QuickBooks Online now lets you send invoice in Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, and traditional Chinese.

QuickBooks Online lets you send your foreign customers invoices in six different languages.

One-step Payments to Contractors

This feature lets you choose “trackable” details such as project, class, or location from a convenient drop-down list that you will find in the contractor payments window.

Next-day Deposits

Subscribers to QuickBooks Online Payments will now have next-day access to funds from customers when payments have been made with a credit card or via ACH. To use this service, you need to sign up and a 1% fee of the total (up to $10)applies to ACH payments.

Sales Taxes are Auto-calculated

QuickBooks Online streamlined the method for adding sales tax to your sales forms.This applies even when your business works on a cash basis. After doing minimal setup, QuickBooks Sales Tax handles the needed transactions to automatically add sales tax.

Hello, 2020

We hope that 2019 has been a good year for your business and wish you the best for 2020. If you are having difficulties with any aspect of QuickBooks Online or want to take advantage of the new features right away, contact us today for help.

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