Strategic planning is a process. It helps you to document and establish a direction for your small business. Strategic planning allows you to define your business's mission, vision, and values. A well-formulated business strategy can play an essential role in your company's growth and eventual success as it tells you and your employees how to respond to challenges and opportunities.

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Hidden Cost of In-house Payroll

Although doing payroll in-house gives you end to end control, it can also kill you with hidden costs. If you are always fighting to find and control those costs, consider outsourcing your payroll operations. | Small Business

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When you use the Profit First approach to running a small business you can take a profit each month. You will instill discipline in your bookkeeping and budgeting so that you manage cash flow effectively. Businesses that use Profit First learn to ferret out the hidden costs that drain profits and your energy. At its base, Profit First fights and defeats the effects of Parkinson's Law in which work expand to the time allotted for it and expenses always come up to or exceed their budgeted amount. Profit First makes use of Intelligent Business Solutions like QuickBooks and QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online among others to help you effectively run your business, keep an eye on all of the potential problem areas, and stamp out inefficiencies as they arise. Read our articles about using Profit First so that your can first understand how the system works and then learn how Profit First Strategies can help your small business run profitably from the first month that you use this system.

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