QuickBooks File Review

Our file review process will provide your company with a report on the health of your QuickBooks company file, the report will include recommendations on how to improve the QuickBooks experience.

Be Sure Your Business's QuickBooks File is Healthy.

Exigo Business Solutions provides QuickBooks File Reviews for each version of QuickBooks. Our file review process will provide you with a detailed description on the health of the company file.

Our team focuses on three main areas: software usage, balance sheets, and the income statement. We will consider the characteristics of your data; what lists you use, transaction types, classes, etc. Exigo will provide your company with insight on how to improve and better utilize your QuickBooks file.

When the file review is completed, we will schedule a meeting to discuss the findings and a plan of action that would best benefit your company.

Balance Sheet Review

We will conduct a month over month review to determine if the balance sheet accounts are accurate. The balance sheet review also includes a check that reconcilable accounts are being reconciled and utilized properly. Our team will confirm the current balances of the asset and liability accounts and inspect the balance sheet for improvements to enhance the report.

Software Usage Review

Exigo team members will check your QuickBooks Company file. The check will involve evaluating: file size, list usage and current QuickBooks version. We will also review transaction types, reporting basis and used features to ensure that QuickBooks is being properly utilized. Based on our findings, we may recommend a different version of QuickBooks or 3rd party apps to increase usability and automate processes.

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