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QuickBooks Data Conversion

If you are considering converting to a new accounting system, Exigo Business Solutions can help with a smooth and seamless conversion. Our team is built of Advanced Certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor's, who have a great deal of experience in data conversion.

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Exigo Business is a QuickBooks Solution Provider
Exigo Business is a QuickBooks Solution Provider

What is Data Conversion?

Data conversion is the process of transferring accounting data from one accounting system to a new QuickBooks company file. At Exigo, we have a systematic process for ensuring that your data is transferred into QuickBooks correctly, without corruption. When out team meets with your organization, we will learn about the features that are used in the current accounting system. Exigo Business Solutions will identify the characteristics of the historical data to identify and ensure reporting consistencies. Our team will also assess who is responsible for the data and the dates that we need to receive the data to make certain that we stay on schedule with the conversion.

The next step of the data conversion will be determining the correct version of QuickBooks to use with your organization. While we meet with you, we will document the features and characteristics of your data to assist in determining the best version of QuickBooks for you.

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Third Party
Apps Unique To Your Business

If QuickBooks does not have a necessary function or you would like to automate a portion of the accounting, third party apps will be integrated into the system. There are many third-party apps available to use with QuickBooks, which can help your organization improve efficiency, create internal controls, and create more consistent records.

Converting to QuickBooks, whether from one version to another or from an entirely different system, the features and functions will be different. We will walk you through the QuickBooks system and recommend the functions that will work best for your organization. .

Exigo Business Solutions can help you select the right business apps that work with QuickBooks

Historical Data Clean-Up

Before the conversion can start Exigo will clean your historical data. This means that we will clean out inactive items, vendors, customers, etc. Our team will also streamline the chart of accounts to ensure that your organization can keep accurate and consistent records.

At this point Exigo Business Solutions team members will then access all the historical data from the responsible parties. This will be the start of the actual data conversion to the decided upon QuickBooks version.

What Happens Now?

After the conversion is complete, we will begin the process of verifying the converted data. This will include checking financial balances, inventory counts and valuations, and financial reports. Exigo will provide support and training to your team before, during and after your organizations data conversion. The training will be customized to your specific needs in QuickBooks and all third-party applications. If any support is needed after the conversion, Exigo Business Solutions will help your organization and ensure that employees know how to utilize QuickBooks effectively.