Google Drive

Exigo Business's Document Sharing Platform

Google Drive is a platform that the Exigo team uses to share and store secure documents. Google Drive enables us to share folders and documents of any size across all devices. This means that if you have access to the folder, you can view it from your computer, tablet, or even your smartphone. This feature makes it easier for documents to be accessed anytime, anywhere. Wherever you go, your files are sure to follow.

Another benefit Google Drive provides is that if a change is made at any time, the new changes will be saved to the document for all users who have access, making it easier for real-time discussion about a particular document or file. The same document can be opened and worked on simultaneously from multiple devices allowing for easier discussion even from different locations. This eliminates having to email a document to all parties involved every time the document has been altered.

Need to work on a document while you are away from the office? Possibly on an airplane or in an area without service or internet? That’s fine, make the file available offline, make the changes needed and when you get back online, the file will update automatically! We use this platform for sharing purposes such as sharing files and folders between your team and ours. It’s easy, invite others to view, download or collaborate on all the files you want. This eliminates losing your documents in an email strand and offers others to join in on one file together.

When working in Google Drive with a folder that we share, always be careful to download, not delete any item in a folder unless otherwise informed. If it is in the folder or we ask it to be put into the folder, it is because we need direct access to it to complete a task for you!