Live Plan

So, you know you need a business plan, right? You know that it’s important, but you haven’t started it yet? We know the struggle. What about your financials? They are important, right, but you aren’t exactly sure what the reports mean? You know the customers buy your product/service, but you aren’t sure who your ideal customer base is?

Our organization is here to help! We specialize in accounting, marketing and technology, which is all a part of your business plan! The Exigo accounting team is made up of QuickBooks Advanced Certified ProAdvisors. The marketing team at Exigo is made up of StoryBrand certified guides. When creating business plans, our teams works together to encompass each sector into the plan. Exigo will create a business plan for you using Live Plan, to highlight the unique features of your organization.

Live plan is an online business planning software.This is a tool that allows business owners to write a business plan and update it as the business grows. The software integrates with QuickBooks and can compare against industry benchmarks.  

This allows us to import your QuickBooks data directly into your business plan. Live Plan allows our marketing team to customize and brand your business plan uniquely for your organization to give you a complete and professional look.

The Aspects of an Effective Business Plan

Executive Summary

This section is a brief overview of the business plan. This section should make the reader wt to learn more and draw them in. Even though this is the first section of the plan, it should be written last, as to summarize the plan.

Company Description

The company description is a high-level overview of the business including the structure, history, what you do, financial highlights, goals and how you make a profit.

Product and Service Description

The product and service description should include what you are selling, how it benefits the customer, explanation of the market, product/service life cycle, research and development activities.

Market Analysis

The Market Analysis will include a sketch of a targeted customer segments, industry description and outlook, historical and current marketing data, competitor evaluations.

Strategy and Implementation

The Strategy Implementation will include explanation of marketing strategy, cost pricing and promotion details and logistics, operation cycle, information on labor and employees, operational hours.

Organization and Management Team

This section will house your organizational chart, the owners information, the management team profiles and a list of advisors.

Financial Plans and Projections

This is where your historical data, prospective financial information, and analysis of financial data will be entered.