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What is Circulus?

Circulus is a Bill Pay system that integrates directly with QuickBooks Online that allows flexible bill pay options and can organize your companies accounts payable workflow. Circulus allows you to schedule the processing date and choose to pay via ACH or check. Payments will be executed and synced automatically with the companies QBO file.

Internal controls are a very important element to managing accounts payable and Circulus allows companies to add internal controls by designating different user statuses. This means that users will have different jobs based on their user status, employee 1 reviews the bill, employee 2 approve the bill and employee 3 pays the bills. Each employee has different access to Circulus, which helps to develop a solid checks and balances system throughout the A/P process.

Circulus is a secure bill pay option that allows you to keep the entire A/P process in one system that will sync with QBO.