Scalable Impact

Drive Permanent Profitability in Your Business

Stop being frustrated, lost, and confused about your business finances. Stop the perpetual loop of self-doubt, dissatisfaction, and defeat. Instead, preserve your emotional well-being by outsourcing the work you hate.

Partner with an accounting team that is dedicated to helping you make your business permanently profitable.

Is This You

If you are a business owner, and you want to turn accounting into a powerful tool that can move your business forward instead of a problem that costs you time and money, then we can help!

Our clients are typically business owners with revenue from $ 750k - 5m who want to rely on their financials for daily operations.


They see the value in specialized proactive bookkeeping and accounting services, which will put you at ease and resolve your accounting problems quickly and efficiently.

Our Clients Want

The weight of "doing" accounting lifted off their shoulders.

To focus on what matters, and know that their business is compliant with all taxes.

Better reliability and accuracy in their financial statements.

To be certain their accounting data is right, period.

Belief that understanding the financial health of their business will enable them to be more profitable.

They are looking to expand their business, but need to know the costs involved in doing so.

Virtual Accounting Department

Structured program that gives you a proven framework to make your business permanently profitable.


“There is nothing more important in your business than getting the numbers right, technology aligned, and marketing accordingly. That is what Ron Allen and his team have built. By being certified in Profit First, they have the tools and proven methodology to drive permanent profitability in your business.”

Mike Michalowicz

Author, Profit First, Fix This Next, Clockwork

“We didn’t know we needed anything, so we weren’t really looking,” explains McCully.”
“When the Exigo team articulated what the issue was, and showed us why we needed somebody to be giving us this sort of data to look at on a monthly basis… versus waiting till the end of the year and seeing how we did… that really changed the mindset for us when it comes to how we look at our numbers.”

Bruce McCully

Galactic Advisors

Are You Ready To Start Driving Profit in Your Business?

We are committed to helping you achieve financial clarity so you can stop feeling lost about your business finances.

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