Fix This Next Legacy

Fix This Next is the methodical approach that you always needed to grow your business into a vibrant living thing and transform it into the vision that inspired you to start a business in the first place.
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What Will Your Business Legacy Be?

Fix This Next Legacy
April 6, 2020

The idea that we will leave something for others when we are no longer active in our business is the wish of many business owners. Making that happen takes more than making a wish. But, it is possible when you take the right approach from the beginning. While your personal legacy is the effect that what you do now has on others over the years, your business legacy extends to your employees, customers, the community, and even the culture. While it is common to put goals in a mission statement that, if achieved, will result in a positive legacy, you need a method to bring the goals to fruition. At Exigo Business Solutions in the Kansas City area we help our clients using tools like the Fix This Next approach which can lead to creating a long-lasting legacy. What will your business legacy be?

Two Things Necessary to Create a Legacy

Businesses that achieve a lasting legacy are well-run and have a purpose beyond themselves. Both of these features can be obtained and maintained by use of the Fix This Next approach.

No matter how extraordinary your ideas, products, and services are, you need to run a viable business to survive, prosper, and create a legacy. This means you need to be making sales, maintaining a routine profit, and running an organized and orderly business that has an impact.

A Fix This Next coach helps you do this by always, always addressing the most basic business issues first and helping you set up effective business processes to keep each issue under control.

This is part and parcel of running an efficient, profitable business that comes to run itself instead of running you into the ground. And, it is necessary for you to achieve the things you desire which in turn will be your legacy.

Fix This Next Helps Create a Legacy

In all phases of Fix This Next, you will look at the issues and then devise solutions as needed. Here are the issues that Fix This Next coaches look at when assessing your ability to create a legacy.

Do Your Employees and Clients Support and Defend Your Business?

The first sign that you are on your way to creating something lasting with your business is that your employees and even your customers recommend and defend your products and services.

Do You Have a Plan in Place to Hand over Leadership?

Businesses that have the good of their employees, customers, and community at heart have given serious thought to how they will maintain their operations, products, and services as leadership changes.

Do Others Promote Your Business without Being Ordered to?

This goes beyond defending your business if someone says bad things about it. It has to do with people buying into what you do, how you do it, and how it is a good thing for everyone.

Is There a Shared Vision for the Future?

Is everyone heading in the same direction in your business or are there different ideas about where you should be going? And, are all of those folks working in the directions needed to make your vision come true?

Does Your Business Have a System for Constant Adaptation and Improvement?

This has to do with running an efficient and profitable business but from the legacy point of view it helps guarantee the permanence of your operation.

Making Your Legacy Happen

You don’t have to wait (and should not wait) until you have checked all of the other boxes in the Fix This Next System (sales, profit, order, impact) before you start on doing the things that create a legacy. Everything that works to create a legacy also makes your business run better, typically makes more money, and makes the job of running the business a lot easier!

Start from day one by bringing employees on board with your ideas and vision. Create a work environment where innovation and communication are encouraged. Make a point of using tools like Microsoft Office 360 to let employees collaborate on work tasks.

Work to create a sense of belonging in your workforce and a sense that you are all working for a greater purpose than simply making money.

Work with your Fix This Next coach to develop and maintain these features in your business as you are working towards greater economic success and you will be well on your way to creating a business legacy.

For more information about the Fix This Next method, contact us at Exigo Business Solutions in the Kansas City area today.

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Fix This Next

“The biggest challenge business owner’s face is knowing what their biggest challenge is.” said Michalowicz. The Fix This Next Business Hierarchy of Needs will serve as your guide to accurately assess the needs of your business, make the necessary repairs, and progress towards your vision. Always revert back to the lower level needs and fix that next before you focus on the higher levels.
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Fix This Next Legacy

Fix This Next is the methodical approach that you always needed to grow your business into a vibrant living thing and transform it into the vision that inspired you to start a business in the first place.
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