March 10, 2020

Update to Office365 ProPlus

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Ronald B. Allen

So, they sent you a security update and you missed it. And, now somebody got into your system and stole critical and personal data. Could that have been prevented? The answer is, yes. Update to Office365 ProPlus and stop missing security updates!

Your Office365 ProPlus can be set to automatically receive and install security updates, in the background, and without interfering with operations. IT personnel are able to track the status of updates to see which computers are updated and which are not. This feature can be turned off, but that would defeat the purpose of automatic and seamless updates. This feature allows Microsoft to automatically fix software errors, install improvements, and do what is necessary to protect against the newest computer viruses.

Why Do I Need Updates?

There are two basic reasons why you need to periodically update any computer software.

The first is that there may be programming errors that are being fixed or improvements to the software. Over the working life of a software version, there are typically errors to be fixed, followed by a steady stream of software improvements. Eventually, all of the fixes and new programming are incorporated into the next version of the software and the cycle starts all over again.

And, then there are the bad guys who want to steal information out your computer system or shut it down simply out of malice. No matter how good the programming is on a version of software, it seems that some hacker somewhere finds a way to sneak in to cause trouble, steal information, or just shut you down. These software fixes are more critical than those you receive to fix a software glitch or make an improvement.

When a computer virus is invented it does not infect all computers in the world in one stroke. The internet is monitored by companies that make antivirus software, software makers like Microsoft, governments, and individuals. The appearance of a virus that affects a certain brand of software may be spotted within hours of its appearance.

The response is that a company like Microsoft will create a software fix or patch to counter or negate the ability of the virus to do its damage. But, that software needs to be on your office and home computers to be effective.

That is where the automatic update feature of Office365 comes into play. You do not need to worry that you missed the update and will suddenly be shut down, hacked, and robbed of information. The update from Microsoft will protect you since you automatically received and installed it as soon as the update was available.

Do Updates Ever Cause Problems?

This is a rare occurrence but yes, there are times when a software patch to fix one issue causes problems in another area. When this happens your IT staff will find out from the maker of the software and can selectively back out of any software upgrade that was causing problems. This is not a reason to avoid automatic updates, however. The risks of not upgrading software when needed and the ever-present risk being brought low by a computer virus outweigh the occasional need to back out of a single update.

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