May 18, 2020

The Role of Fix This Next in Managing a Business Crisis

Fix This Next
By: Ronald B. Allen

The Fix This Next method helps business owners get out of the “survival trap” of continually fixing small business issues that seem to return again and again. The system works because it seeks out the most basic problems in the business hierarchy of needs and implements lasting solutions. The solutions last because the system sets of effective processes to keep track of these issues. This approach to running a business prevents many problems from worsening and sending the business into a crisis.

However, a well-run business can still find itself in a crisis through no fault of its own. The sort of economic collapse seen with a widespread recession can have devastating consequences for even the most profitable and efficient business. What is the role of Fix This Next in managing a business crisis of this sort?

The Role of Fix This Next in Managing a Business Crisis

Business crisis management requires a clear head, organization, data, and effective analysis. It makes no difference what has prompted the business crisis, whether it is a global pandemic and recession such as with the current coronavirus crisis or a strong business competitor that is taking away your customers. Having an effective business crisis plan in place makes all the difference. And, here is where Fix This Next comes into the picture. Your Fix This Next coach will help you find the hidden costs that were already hurting your business even before the crisis and are now threatening to destroy your work and dreams.

The steps for how to survive a business crisis are first of all to avoid letting the shock of the crisis make you desperate and lead to fatal decisions. Sound evaluation is the critical first step in managing any such crisis. Do this with someone as you Fix This Next coach like Exigo Business Solutions, the top accounting firm in the Kansas City area.

You will take targeted actions aimed at stemming the flow of red ink, preserving important aspects of your business such as a skilled workforce, and maintaining your customer base. Sound policies adapted at the start will allow you to maintain your cash flow and your credit. The use of intelligent business tools such as QuickBooks custom reports or Gravity when your accounting software needs to track more than one company will provide essential resources during a business crisis.

Fix This Next can be your key to making the most effective decisions and tracking the results in real time. You will typically need to take a series of deliberate and well-considered actions as you work your way out of any business crisis. The beauty of the Fix This Next approach is that it will prepare you to take full advantage of the surge of growth that can come with the following economic recovery!

Fix This Next in a Crisis and Always

In business as in life, those who are able to recognize and take advantage of opportunities as they arise are the ones who achieve the greatest success. Using the Fix This Next approach during good times helps relieve you of the constant barrage of minor problems that never seem to go away and all too often evolve into greater problems. Having this system in place will reliably help you prevent many a crisis that may arise or let you be in better shape to manage one when it arrives. Having a Fix This Next coach at your side during a prolonged recession can make the difference between survival and loss of your business and your dreams.

For help managing your current business crisis or more information about how the Fix This Next approach can help your business, contact us at Exigo Business Solutions today.

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