March 10, 2020

Send Information to the Right People

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Ronald B. Allen

Sending emails has become a routine part of everyday life. Unfortunately, as the volume of emails we send and receive steadily goes up, so does the clutter in our emails folders and in our lives. Right now is always the right time to organize, streamline, and address this dilemma. How can you do that? Consider upgrading to Office365 and Outlook 2016!


Office 365 is a subscription plan that includes Office applications and other tools to improve productivity. There are both home and business plans. Office365 for business includes Skype for Business online conferencing and online storage with OneDrive for Business. This software includes all of the most recent Office applications:

• Word

• Excel

• PowerPoint

• OneNote

• Outlook

• Publisher

• Access

The one that has to do with not cluttering up your email inbox and your life is Microsoft Outlook. Outlook sends and receives your emails but it is much, much more! This software tool is able to manage your personal information (including emails) with task manager, contact manager, calendar, note-taking, web browsing, and journal functions. It can be used just for your emails or be integrated with the Microsoft SharePoint Server and Microsoft Exchange Server for multiple users in your company. Features include shared calendars and mailboxes, meeting schedules, SharePoint lists, and Exchange public folders.

It is the organizational features of Outlook that will let you send the right files and other information to multiple recipients and at the same time avoid leaving multiple copies in your email folders!

Office365 and Outlook 2016

Office365 subscribers get the newest version of Outlook 2016. Outlook 2016 has a useful feature called Conversation Clean Up. This feature allows you to move repetitious material out of your inbox. It basically checks all emails in a conversation (or thread) and removes those that simply repeat the same information over and over again. This tool has several protective features to make sure that you are not deleting important information.

Other tools include the Archive and Sweep commands which either save emails in other folders or delete them depending on the rules you institute.

Those of us old enough to remember the early days of the internet, remember what a miracle it was to send and receive messages by way of our computers. The movie, “You’ve Got Mail” was a cute and romantic look at this new method of communication. Then, emails became routine and even excessive. Your “organizational method” consisted of trying to remember when you got an email and scrolling back to that date to search for it!

If you are still stuck in the old era of unorganized email sending and receiving, please come into the modern era. Upgrade to Office365 and use Outlook 2016 to help you remove unwanted emails, block spam emails, and cull out duplicates within the conversations you need to keep. Use Outlook to unclutter your inbox, and your life today!

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