June 23, 2020

What can I do when I keep seeing the same business problems over and over?

This is a common issue in many businesses. The owner is caught in a survival trap where he or she is continually confronted with nagging business problems. The Fix This Next approach is designed to address this. Here is how to proceed.

1. Find and fix the underlying issue that is causing all of your problems. The fact is that if you are fixing the same small problems again and again you are fixing the wrong problems!

2. Use the Fix This Next method to address and solve this. The Fix This Next approach looks at the basic issues that affect your business.

3. Fix the basics first as problems at the base of your business will continually cause trouble in various ways. Starting at the bottom of the business hierarchy of needs, sales should be addressed first followed by profit and then business organization. This way you will not overlook an issue that will keep returning to haunt you.

4. The key to getting rid of your recurring problems is to identify the most basic issue that is typically the cause of most of your recurring dilemmas. This will be much easier with the help of a certified Fix This Coach like Exigo Business solutions.

5. When the problem is identified your Fix This Next coach will help you make the changes that resolve the problem and effectively track it so that the issue does not keep returning in various forms. This is most important and can be accomplished with effective business procedures.

6. Take care of issues one at a time going from the basic to the complex. Once the most basic problem has been dealt with the Fix This Next system goes to the next issue up the line and repeats the process.

7. The goal when fixing your nagging business issues is to get you out of the survival trap you were in, make your business more efficient and profitable, and free up the time you were wasting putting out recurrent brush fires.

For help getting out of your own business survival trap, contact us at Exigo Business Solutions today.

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