June 23, 2020

Resolving Sales Issues with Fix This Next

The most basic, core issue in any business is getting enough sales. You need to be selling enough to stay afloat but what any business owner aims for are stellar sales that allow for business growth and expansion. As such, fixing sales problems as soon as they arise is essential to business success. And, resolving sales issues with Fix This Next is the best route. Here is a bit of insight into how Fix This Next coaches approach sales issues, track down the exact problems that need fixing, and then institute effective and lasting solutions.

The Fix This Next Approach to Sales

When sales start to fall off, business owners often see an issue or two and apply immediate solutions only to be discouraged when the problem does not get better. To deal effectively with sales issues or any business problems, how you think of the issue is very important.

Fix This Next coaches are trained to track down and identify the most basic issues and sub issues in any problem. In sales, they commonly look at the following aspects of your sales.

• Lifestyle Congruence of Your Products and Services

• Prospect Attraction of What You Are Selling

• How Effective Your Client Conversion Is

• The extent to Which You Fully Deliver on Your Promises

• How Successful You Are in Collecting Commitments

A Fix This Next coach like Exigo Business Solutions will look to make sure that you are marketing your products and services effectively. They will look at how you manage inventory to make sure that this is not an issue causing poor sales. And, they will look at issues like if your CRM and accounting software are integrated for more successful management. But, the search for your sales issues will always start with the issues that we are looking at right here.

Lifestyle Congruence of Your Products and Services

Do your products and services make your customers feel good about themselves? Does your average customer want something that they believe everyone else values? Or, do they prefer something unique so that they stand out from the herd? Science Direct looks at brand congruence and the perceived need for uniqueness can drive sales. This is not something that you need to study in depth but is an issue that you need to understand to the extent that it affects your sales and your ability to price your products in such a way as to maximize profits. This is an issue that Fix This Next coaches routinely address when looking at sales issues.

Prospect Attraction of What You Are Selling

This is often referred to as attraction marketing. The idea has been around for a long time. You need to communicate to your customers why your product or service is a better choice than all others based upon quality, price, excellent service or some other set of factors. This message needs to be in your marketing and in your everyday contacts with your customers. Successful businesses not only get lots of word of mouth referrals but their customers as well as their employees at all levels are part of their sales force. The message needs to be clear, constantly repeated, and backed up by the quality of what you are selling. Fix This Next coaches like Exigo Business Solutions will always look at this aspect of your efforts when working to help you improve sales.

How Effective Is Your Client Conversion?

Not matter if you are seeing potential customers based on old school advertising or by using SEO and an upgraded website, you need to 1) get people’s attention and 2) convert contacts into clients. As Fix This Next coaches, Exigo Business Solutions will help you look at this issue. Does it make sense to advertise to the whole world via the internet or do you need to look at how to get your business ranked number one on Google for your city?

Then the issue is how well your message does in attracting people who are likely to buy your products and services. This often means working to make your website an authority and useful reference for your kinds of products and services. When you do this and have an effective sales funnel, combined with well-trained sales personnel, you will typically succeed at this task. Then the issue is tracking for which you will need effective processes in place.

Delivering on Your Promises

You can have a great sales pitch and get lots of initial sales, but if you are not following through, most of those sales will not turn into repeat customers. This is a recurring issue that we see as Fix This Next coaches at Exigo Business Solutions when we work to help our clients improve sales. Every one of your employees needs to be on board with producing high quality products, services, and all of the related support functions. The last step of the OMEN approach to fixing issues via the Fix This Next method is nurturing. The people closest to a problem are typically those who understand it the best and they need to be in the loop for any fix!

How Successful Are You in Collecting Commitments?

Whether it is closing a sale or getting a client who is past due making payments to catch up, you need to be successful in collecting commitments from your clients or potential clients. If this is not happening, you need to be aware of the problem and work with those involved to come up with workable solutions.

This snapshot gives you an idea of how resolving sales issues with Fix This Next works. If you are interested in learning more about how Fix This Next can help your business, contact us at Exigo Business Solutions today.

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