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What To Know About Your Profit First Tax Account

August 13, 2018

What To Know About Your Profit First Tax Account

Here is one of the most common questions we get about the Profit First Tax Account and we wanted to share the answers with you!

Scenario: I am an owner in the business, and our payroll is such that my taxes are already deducted from pay. Do I still need to reserve such a high percentage in the Tax account?

Answer: Yes. The
Tax account will “reimburse” you for the taxes withheld from your
salary. While logically you could just increase the Owner’s Comp
allocation and reduce the Tax allocation with the same result, reimbursing
yourself for taxes withheld from your salary makes a big difference

When taxes are deducted from your pay, it can feel like a
loss. This triggers the behavioral pain response of “loss aversion.” But if the
business pays your taxes directly or reimburses you for the taxes that were
“taken” from your pay, the negative association you feel with paying taxes
is reduced.  If you have taxes deducted from your pay, use the money allocated
to the Tax account to reimburse yourself for those taxes on a regular basis.

benefit of allocating 15% to the Tax account is your tax liabilities
can’t be “hidden” from you as part of your salary. This will give you a
much better understanding of your real compensation and total tax liabilities.

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