February 12, 2020

Personalize Gravity Accounting Dashboard

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Ronald B. Allen

A successful business is one that can move quickly and respond to problems and opportunities in real-time instead of at the end of the month. One of the ways that a business can make the best use of its accounting software is with a financial dashboard that displays important information in real-time. But, setting up your financial dashboard has typically required help from the developers at the company that made your software program. Luckily, this is no longer the case if you use Gravity Software. This versatile, scalable accounting software is built on the Microsoft Power Platform. So, you can personalize your financial dashboard without needing special code, help from the original software developers, or special training and a lot more money!

The User-friendly Gravity Platform Is Very Intuitive to Set Up

The Gravity software financial dashboard and the entire site are designed to be user-friendly and easy to modify to fit the needs of your business. And, as your business changes or expands, you can make changes to the site and scale up the software to fit your needs. The point of using Gravity is to help your business succeed and not to show off how much the programmers know (but won’t tell you except for more money).

Use Gravity Apps to Customize Your Dashboard

Gravity works with literally a thousand or more apps that make your business smarter and more effective. Microsoft’s field service and the Gravity cloud financials are cases in point. If you have used tools like Power BI with your QuickBooks and now have upgraded to Gravity, you will feel right at home. You will not need to pay for customized software development but rather mix and match the available tools to make your business as intelligent, fast, and profitable as it can be.

The point of a financial dashboard is to stay in touch with the important metrics of your business on a day by day basis and not be surprised by problems or recognized missed opportunities at the end of the month. When you have made changes to your business operations, you will especially want to track things more closely. A well-designed financial dashboard adjusted for your specific business needs is critical.

Tips for how to Customize Your Gravity Software Dashboard

Start by choosing the metrics that you need to track. If you are not certain, talk to us at Exigo Business Solutions. We can help you choose the best metrics to track and help you understand what you are seeing. These will be numbers that have a direct or indirect impact on your business’s bottom line. They will actionable numbers that let you make changes on the fly and take advantage of business opportunities or stem losses in the most efficient manner.

Many times there are customers of our businesses that account for the majority of our profits and customers with whom we only break even month after month. You select one or several customers and track their business separately from your overall financials. This sort of “financial fine-tuning” is what intelligent business software lets us do and the end result is a more efficient and profitable business. When you start selling a new product or service, you may wish to track it on a day by day basis. The Gravity Financial Dashboard let you do this efficiently and profitably.

The Gravity Financial Dashboard lets you use charts, graphs, or web frames to display your data and has an “advanced find” feature that helps to pinpoint the data you need when you need it. It is easy and intuitive to set up the visual design that works the best for you including details like descriptions, titles, colors, column numbers, and column widths. You can also set up and modify filters to let you see just the data you need to see. Contact us at Exigo Business Solutions and we can help you set this up to most optimally identify key business indicators, solve problems as they evolve, and improve your entire business function.

Personalize Your Gravity Accounting Dashboard
Personalize Your Gravity Accounting Dashboard for Greater Efficiency

Limit Data on a Need-to-know Basis on Your Gravity Financial Dashboard

Using the easy setup for the Gravity Financial Dashboard, you can allow access to information to those whose business it is to know it and not share privileged financial data with the whole world.  And, these settings are easy to adjust so that you can modify them for employees who now have a short-term or permanent need to see the information.

The Gravity Financial Dashboard Fits any Business Kind or Size

You may believe (incorrectly) that your business is not large enough, complicated enough, or difficult enough to understand that you need a financial dashboard. Think again. First of all, the data is yours. Second, the sooner you see important numbers the sooner you can deal with whatever business situations they represent. In businesses of any size or shape, finding hidden business costs is one of the major keys to success.

If you are using Gravity software, use this excellent accounting tool to its fullest. Learn how to set up the dashboard and learn how to use it to its full potential. If you would like a little help with this task, talk to us at Exigo Business solutions, the top accounting firm in the Kansas City area.

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