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Office 365 on Windows, Android, and iOS

October 7, 2019

In the world of business, not all of your work takes place in the office. When you are away from the office, you may not be carrying a laptop, tablet, or smartphone that has Office installed. But, there are times when you still need access documents and even edit them. This always seems to happen at times when it is impossible to return to your office. Maybe you are at your child’s birthday party, on vacation miles away from home, or just plain busy with something that you cannot leave. It is lucky for you that you can take Office 365 Everywhere on Windows, Android, and iOS devices. How does this work?

Superpower your Productivity with M365
Superpower your Productivity with M365

Access Wherever You Are to Your Office 365 Documents

To use the Office 365 Anywhere feature, upload (just drag and drop) from your computer to a SharePoint team site or OneDrive for Business library. Once the documents that you may wish to access and edit are in place, you will be able to see them and edit them with your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. This feature does not require that Office 365 on your device and works with devices running on Windows, Android, or iOS.

This feature is part of Office 365 and does not require that you pay for a license to run Office 365 on your mobile device! It is a cost-effective way to stay in touch with your documents, view them, and even make edits on the fly.

From your mobile device, you will sign in to Office 365. Then go to a team site or OneDrive library where your documents are stored. You will your PowerPoint, OneNote, Word, Excel, or PDF document. Click the one you want to view and it will open in your mobile device browser.

For out of office meetings, you can use the Lync Web App to see and make edits in OneNote. From Share, click OneNote followed by the notebook and it opens.

When business or other reasons take you out of the office you do not need to lug your desktop computer along. Simply, use the Office 365 Anywhere feature to view documents in PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, Word, or PDF format. You may just wish to have these to refresh your memory, or you may wish to edit or compose. Both are possible away from your worksite with the tools that Office 365 offers, including the “everywhere” feature.

If an idea occurs to you late at night, when you are on vacation with family, or when you are otherwise occupied away from work, you are not the first. The great part about upgrading to Office 365 is that you can access many of its features and documents without going back to the office late at night or leaving your child’s birthday party in order to fix a problem arising at an inconvenient time. Get Office 365 and make your business life more efficient. Get Office 365 and maybe take the time that you save and spend it with your family!

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