March 10, 2020

Use Office 365 Smart Lookup to Get Insights Need

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Ronald B. Allen

So, you have a task you are working on and you need some ideas. It is starting to feel like junior high school and writing a book report about a book you never bothered to read. Don’t sweat it. You are working in Office 365. Use Office 365 Smart Lookup to get the insights you need to do the job.

Smart Lookup uses Bing, the Microsoft search tool which you will find on the Insights pane. Enter a phrase or just a word and Smart Lookup launches. Use this tool to get definitions of scientific terms. Use Smart Lookup to read the history behind an idea. Or simply use Smart Lookup to like you might use a thesaurus to get ideas from whatever shows up in the search.

Bing search with Smart Lookup will give you everything from scholarly articles on your subject of choice to Wikipedia articles to commentary, both pro and con. If you need a Warren Buffett quote to support your ideas about investing, find it with Smart Lookup. If you need background information to help you understand actions of the Federal Reserve, look it up with Smart Lookup. And, if you are simply looking for ideas for an advertising newsletter, you will find them with Smart Lookup and Bing.

When you are working from a touchscreen device you will need to double-tap a word and then choose Smart Lookup.

Smart Lookup is just one of the many Office 365 features that help you work smarter, better, and faster. Smart Lookup is available when you are in a Skype for Business video conference. Someone just started to make an argument for an approach to a task and you think their facts are wrong. No problem. Use Smart Lookup to research the issue and then start your counterattack.

You agreed to take on a job that nobody else wanted. Now that you are starting the task you can see how complicated and difficult it is. But, with tools like Smart Lookup as well as the collaboration tools that Office 365 provides, you can research the issue, bounce your ideas off selected co-workers and accomplish the task that nobody else wanted to even touch.

Smart Lookup, like all of the great tools in Office 365 is designed to expand your world of knowledge, widen your circle of support, and make you the best at what you do. Office 365 is a subscription service providing all Microsoft Office software and cloud-based services like Skype for Business Server, Exchange Server, and SharePoint.

If you are using Office 365 you get automatic updates so that you are always using the newest and best versions of this software. Working with Office 365 you can easily collaborate with others in your organization, work off-site even with non-Windows devices, and communicate easily from any part of the world with Skype for Business.

Upgrade today to Office 365 and join the many users who have improved their work and their lives with this excellent suite of tools.

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