March 10, 2020

Office 365 Tell Me: Intuitive Help when You Need It

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Ronald B. Allen

So, you needed help while working in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. But you did not know what to ask. What was that function or command called? This is a common problem in life and in the world of computers. And, Microsoft has an answer. Office 365 has a contextual and intuitive help tool called Tell Me.

Office 365 Tell Me: Intuitive Help when You Need It

When you are working in Office 365 using Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or other applications, you have a mental block about what to do next. You could use the help function but, frankly, you do not know what to ask. Just type a word and Tell Me will give you its definition. Type a person’s name and Tell Me will give you their contact information. Type a command like “print” and Tell Me will give you a list of options of which you can click the right one and do what you need to do.

Tell Me What to Do is a contextual help function. It keeps track of what you are doing, the questions you have asked in the past, and the tasks you normally work on. As such, it has a good idea of what you need to do next. An alternative is to use the Smart Lookup feature to define and research a given term. The problem, again, is that if you do not know the right word or words, lookup and help functions may not give you the answers you need. In this case, try the Tell Me function.

Use “Tell Me” to Access Files Stored on OneDrive or SharePoint

Office 365 subscribers who are connected to the internet can use this tool to select files stored online (SharePoint or OneDrive). Type the name of the file in Tell Me. You will see that name on a list. Hover over it and you will be able to insert it into a file in which you are currently working or open in the correct application such as Excel or Word.

Change Fonts, Colors, and Shading in a Click using Office 365 Tell Me

You are working in Word and want to change colors used for font, highlighting, shading, a border, the page, or fill. Simply type in make page blue or set border to yellow and Office 365 Tell Me executes the appropriate command.

These commands work for the colors of the rainbow (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Violet) as well as Light Blue, Dark Blue, Dark Red, Light Green, Bright Green, White, Gray, Black, Turquoise, Pink, Teal, and Purple. Just type the words in Tell Me and the job is done.

“Tell Me What to Do” does not do anything that you could not have done yourself, if you had known where to go for the information. But, because this feature keeps track of who you are, what you do, where your information is, and more, it seems to read your mind. The end result is not because of anything mystical, however. It is just the result of great programming by the folks who built and maintain Office 365! Upgrade to this product today. Make your work life more efficient and productive. And, don’t get spooked out when it seems like “Tell Me” just read your mind!

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