March 23, 2020

More Work and Higher Profits in Your Plumbing Business

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Ronald B. Allen

You know the plumbing trade and offer both standard and specialized services. But, you would like to increase your customer base to get more work and higher profits in your plumbing business. There are two things that you can do to 1) increase your customer base and 2) increase your profits. The first is to have more effective locally-based advertising on the internet and the second is to get more bang-for-the-buck out of your bookkeeping.

Get More Work for Your Plumbing Business with Locally Focused SEO

In this day and age, your business has, or should have, a website. The point is to let people know that you provide standard and specialized plumbing services, that you are readily available for emergencies, and to let them know how to reach you even after hours. But, you need to develop your website in such a way that people who are searching on Google or any other internet search engine will find your business and not your competitor’s. This is the art and science of SEO (aka search engine optimization). For a little background, take a look at our article, What Is SEO and Why Does Your Website Need It.

SEO gets people to come to your website but you want “local SEO” to make sure that you are showing up on the searches of people in your area. These folks will realistically use your services as opposed to someone from three states away. This subset of search engine optimization includes things like using the free “Google My Business” service of Google to get your company on Google Maps. And can help you show up in the “three pack” of businesses that Google displays when someone “Googles” your services in your area, with a search such as “emergency plumber Kansas City” or even more specifically, “emergency plumber East Bottoms.” Get the local SEO right and you will see a lot more business coming to your door. If you have more questions about local SEO for your business, contact us at Exigo Business Solutions.

Convert Increased Income in Your Plumbing Business into Reliable Profits

Now the trick is maximizing your profits from your increased business. Here is where the bookkeeping part comes in. The value of good bookkeeping extends well beyond listing income and expenses with perhaps a little profit left over. The value of good bookkeeping for your plumbing business is when you can identify the jobs that pay the best versus the jobs that may actually be costing you money. The value of having a professional bookkeeper with the right tools is that you can spot hidden costs in your business and make the changes needed to reduce or eliminate those leaks in your profit chain. At Exigo Business Solutions in the Kansas City area, we often note that you can outsource your bookkeeping and it can pay for itself with a more cost-efficient business. When we use QuickBooks bookkeeping software for our clients, we generate custom reports that are tailored to the client’s business. These reports highlight opportunities like better-paying customers and cost overruns that all too often sap your profits. For a free consultation regarding your bookkeeping and accounting requirements, contact Exigo Business Solutions, the top accounting firm in the Kansas City area.

Making Profit a Habit in Your Plumbing Business

A curious but true thing in life and business is that if you anticipate success you are more likely to attain it than if you are unsure of yourself and what you are doing. In the world of bookkeeping and business finances, this is doubly true. Anticipate success, develop the financial disciple needed, and make profit a habit instead of an elusive dream. At Exigo Business Solutions we help our clients do this very thing with a bookkeeping method called Profit First.

This way of keeping the books allocates money twice every month to bank accounts for profit, owner’s pay, taxes, operating expenses, and other categories as required. This disciplined approach to business finances does two important things. It starts allocating profit the first month you use the system. Then it puts the spotlight on expenses. Using the custom reports that we generate at Exigo Business Solutions, our clients can improve their budgeting and cash flow management and track down those hidden costs that so often damage company profits. Thus, the Profit First approach puts money into your profit account right off the bat. Then, by using the Profit First method you develop the fiscal discipline that makes profit a habit instead of a dream.

For more information about the Profit First method and how using it can lead to higher profits in your plumbing business, contact us at Exigo Business Solutions today.

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