Make Your Sales Invoices Better

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February 23, 2019
QuickBooks Online
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Ronald B. Allen

Make Your Sales Invoices Better by Using QuickBooks Online

Use each and every customer interaction to boost your image. QuickBooks Online can help you do that.

You price your services and products to be competitive and to make a profit. Your billing dates are well-chosen and you always work to enforce timely payments. You even accept payments online. Nevertheless,receiving timely payments in full from your customers can always be a bit of a challenge.

But, there is more that you can expect from your invoices.  You can certainly use the standard templates in QuickBooks Online for sales forms. But, you also can, and probably should,customize them to better represent your brand and your image. QuickBooks Online offers several ways to customize your sales invoices so that you can create the appearance and precise messages that best fit you and your products and services.

Some may view these to be merely cosmetic changes but that is not true. The appearance of your sales invoices and the messages included in them directly affect how customers view your brand and react to you. In the world of marketing, any opportunity to make a good impression should not be passed over. So, personalize and optimize your sales forms to make them neat,orderly, professional, and a positive force for your business.

Here is what you can do.

Edit and Remove Unused Fields

All too often companies use a standard template contains more fields or categories than are needed. These empty fields look sloppy and give the impression that no one in your business is really paying attention to details.

Make changes by clicking the gear icon on the upper right-hand corner of the screen and going to Account and Settings and on to Sales. Look in the left column for Sales Form Content.

Then click any field of the fields on the right for a complete set of options.

QBO Sales Form Content Options
Use QuickBooks Online to turn sales forms fields on and off and indicate other preferences.

To change the status of a field, go to the column on the right and click to toggle it (On, Off).After you have made the changes that you desire, click Save.

You can close the window by simply clicking on the X on the upper right.

But, QuickBooks Online gives you even more options.

Click again on the gear icon. Choose Your Company | Custom Form Styles. What you will see is the master form. Best practice is to leave the master form alone and never edit that base copy. That way, when you get confused and think you might have “broken”something, you can always go back to the master form to start over!

On the upper right in the New style box click the down arrow to select Invoice. When the screen opens, give your template a descriptive name for your template by filling in the field at the top. Then click Content. You will see a diagrammatic representation of an invoice (grayed out) in the right pane. It will be divided into header, table, and footer. Each section will have a pencil icon. Click the icon to edit the desired section. The middle or table section is where you describe your products and services. To make the table section normally visible, click its pencil icon.

QBO Sales Form Style Options
Selecting fields to appear in an invoice, labeling them, and setting widths is easy in QuickBooks Online.

Include and exclude content by checking and unchecking boxes in the desired section. To the right, the invoice will reflect these changes as you make them. Click the Preview PDF button and you will see the results of your edit in the PDF version.Make the changes that you desire in each of the three sections and then click the Design tab when you are happy with the results.

Giving the Invoice a Different “Look”

One of the many great parts about QuickBooks Online is that you do not need to have advanced graphic arts skills to create forms that are consistent and attractive and show your brand in the best light. Below the Design tab are links that will let you make attractive and compelling design changes. The links are these.

  • Choose a Template
  • Add a company logo
  • Choose fonts and a color scheme
  • Change printer settings if necessary so that a letterhead fits appropriately

Crafting the Words

QBO Sales Form Email Template
Take control of the messages that accompany your invoices.

The last step is to select the Emails tab. Just as with editing the invoices, you can customize your emails to optimize their “look” as well as their content. Simply make the changes in the left pane and immediately see the results in your graphical version. And when you are finished, click Done.

This was an overview that hit the high points of customization options in QuickBooks Online. If you feel comfortable at this point, give the tools a try. Simply be sure to keep a safe copy of the master!And, if you would like a little help getting this right without a lot of trial and error, please contact us for assistance. We are always pleased to help our clients create a well-crafted and professional image for their clients.

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