March 10, 2020

Login Safety Windows 10 Hello and Office365

Small Business
Ronald B. Allen

A better way to secure your small business office computers is to replace your standard username and password login routine with Windows Hello.  Why do you want to do this and how does it work?

Ideally, a username and password system is great. But, in real-world use, there are several problems.

Everyone in your office should be using a “strong” password comprised of a long string of letters, numbers, and characters. But, really, who can remember these passwords? What happens in the real world is that people write the password on a piece of paper and put it in their desk drawer. Then they use the same password on several different sites.

The written password is an invitation for someone to log on the wrong computer. And, if someone finds out a password they have access to several sites.
Passwords and usernames can be discovered when your server is hacked or breached.
So-called replay attacks can also discover passwords.
And, users may unknowingly expose passwords because of phishing attacks.

You do not have to be a hacker or a computer security expert to appreciate that even with a strong password that is properly guarded, there has to be a more secure approach to logging on to office computers.

Fortunately, there is a better way. It is called Windows Hello for Business. When a user enrolls (in two steps) his or her device is registered and Windows Hello for Business is set up.

Because Windows Hello and all relevant user data are set up on the individual computer, there is no place in the network where a hacker could get all of the information relating to one or more users.

And, biometrics is used for logging in.

Facial Recognition

This requires a special camera that “sees” in infrared light allowing differentiation between a living person and a scan or photo. There are several companies that are now shipping cameras with this technology and laptop manufacturers are also putting this in their devices.

Fingerprint Recognition

In this case, what is caledl a capacitive fingerprint sensor scans the user’s fingerprint. Although Windows computers have used this technology for years, new sensors are significantly more reliable. Although most fingerprint readers are compatible with Windows 10, make sure before you make a purchase.

The biometric data of the users is stored on the device and nowhere else. If a hacker or unauthorized user does not have the data (same face or fingerprints) they cannot get into the computer. And, since the computer only authenticates with the face or prints of the user, that data is off limits. This is a nice system and a lot safer than usernames and passwords.

Upgrade to Office365 and use the Windows 10 Hello method to login to your computers.

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