March 19, 2020

Kansas City Area Bookkeeping Services

Small Business
Ronald B. Allen

If you are a small business in the greater Kansas City area, you may need to outsource your bookkeeping. Several months ago we wrote about three advantages of outsourcing your bookkeeping. The first point of the article was that with outsourcing a small business gets “full time expertise at a part-time cost.” If this is what your business needs, use the top accounting firm in the Kansas City area to handle your bookkeeping needs. Exigo Business Solutions does not only offer excellent Kansas City area bookkeeping services (including QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online). Exigo is a multi-service provider for many of your small business needs. These include payment processing, IT solutions, strategic planning and marketing strategies.

Outsourced Kansas City Area Bookkeeping Services with QuickBooks

When you outsource your bookkeeping, you expect to have the job done right and for a fair price. At Exigo Business Solutions we charge a fair price for our services. And, doing the job right is exactly what we do. This not only means getting the numbers right and getting the bookkeeping done on time. It means that we generate meaningful reports that you can use to track your finances. We use QuickBooks because it is tailor-made for small businesses. And, with QuickBooks we generate custom reports that give you actionable information. Business moves fast these days and, in order to keep up, you need not only accurate bookkeeping but insightful details to help you with budgeting and managing cash flow.

Kansas City Area Bookkeeping Services: Not just keeping the books anymore

At Exigo Business Solutions your profit is our passion. We provide bookkeeping and accounting services and a lot more. If you need to upgrade your business technology and add business intelligence solutions, we can help. If you need to find the hidden costs in your small business, we will track them down for you. Or, do you need help with your business plan? We are the ones to call.

Maximizing your profit is one of our specialties. One of the tools we use is the Profit First method of keeping your books. The bookkeeping you have always seen uses a traditional “bank balance” approach (Income minus expenses = profit). Unfortunately, all too often in a small business, expenses tend to run higher than expected and, although cash flow may be good, profit is little or non-existent. The Profit First method helps you handle this dilemma by reversing the standard “bank balance” bookkeeping formula.

Kansas City Area Bookkeeping Services Using Profit First

Businesses that use the Profit First method take profit “off the top” twice a month. This money is banked in a segregated account. Thus, the Profit First bookkeeping formula is this: Income minus profit = expenses!

While many small businesses struggle to make a profit and do not do a good job of controlling expenses, a Profit First business takes the profit first of all and then works to control expenses. Here is where good Kansas City area bookkeeping services with QuickBooks come back into the picture. By meticulously doing your books and then generating insightful reports, we help you fight the effects of Parkinson’s Law! Parkinson’s Law is simply the insight expressed years ago by Mr. Parkinson that jobs and expenses tend to keep expanding until they take up all available time and money.

With good QuickBooks reports and bookkeeping outsourced to Exigo Business Solutions, you will be able to see where money is being wasted in your business, budget effectively to stop the waste, and control cash flow on the way to expanding your profits on a permanent basis.

Bookkeeping Services and More to Make Your Business More Successful

A successful small business typically has many “moving parts.” Keeping track can be all-consuming for the business owner. And simply staring at long columns of numbers once a month is usually not the solution that the business needs. A smart business needs smart solutions. These may include any of the various business intelligence software applications that integrate with QuickBooks and probably should include a smart approach like Profit First to get grip on finances. When looking for Kansas City area bookkeeping services, keep two things in mind. Getting the numbers right at a fair price is important. And, you can outsource your booking and it can pay for itself when you use the services of the pros at Exigo Business Solutions.

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