June 23, 2020

Instinct Is a Bad Guide in Business

Sometimes when we have a hunch, it works out. But, in business, more often than not hunches and following your instincts is not all that successful. Far too many business owners work too hard and too long for too little success. This is because instinct is a bad guide in business. Hard facts and data are what a business needs to succeed and these come from solid business processes, custom reports, and sound advice from folks like the Fix This Next coaches at Exigo Business Solutions in the Kansas City area.

Use the Fix This Next Approach to Fix Your Business

Fix This Next is an organized system that finds and repairs core issues that continually damage your business. Too many business owners get caught in a survival trap of fixing the first thing that they see and, commonly, using their instinct as a guide. As a result, the “fix” does not last or even worsens the problem. Most commonly, the attempted repair happens at too high a level in the business hierarchy of needs and does not address the core issue that is the real source of the recurring problems.

Fix This Next coaches like Exigo Business Solutions are specially trained and certified accountants, business coaches, or bookkeepers who follow a logical system to seek out and deal with the core issues that are holding back sales, reducing profits, or creating disorder in your organization. They institute efficient business processes that track core issues and make certain that problems do not recur. By using a logical and proven approach they end up fixing the right things in your business and pulling you out of the survival trap.

What Sort of Processes Does Fix This Next Use?

There are two basic things about Fix This Next that differ from the gut instinct approach. First of all, the system looks at the business hierarchy of needs and addresses core issues first.

• Sales

• Profit

• Order and Organization

• Impact

• Legacy

These are the five basic levels and Fix This Next coaches always address the lower level issues such as sales before trying to fix things like the impact that your organization has on the community or other companies in your business niche.

Then the system fixes the problem and sets up a process to track the results. The process of fixing business issues has four steps.

• Determine your objective. In other words, precisely what results do you want to achieve.

• Set up a time frame for fixing the problem and a system for measuring your results.

• Decide on how often you will need to revisit the issue to make sure that your fix has resulted in a permanent improvement.

• Follow up if there are problems with instituting the fix.

At all  levels of the Fix This Next approach data and not gut instinct are essential. If you are in need of a Fix This Next coach, contact us today at Exigo Business Solutions.

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