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October 7, 2019

A great feature of the Office 365 suite is Outlook 2016. It lets you increase your work efficiency by cleaning up and speeding up your email inbox. How many times have you had to search for that important email? You were in the middle of something important when it arrived in your inbox. You looked at it briefly and simply left it in place to look at later. “Later” arrived much farther down the line than you expected (as often happens at work). Now it is late at night. You should have been home hours ago. And you are searching through old emails and hoping that you will be able to find it and deal with it before the night is through! If this is routinely happening to you, it is high time that you upgraded to Office 365 and Outlook 2016.

Speed and Efficiency with Outlook 2016

Outlook 2016 is the most recent and powerful version of the Microsoft personal information manager. It comes as part of Office 365. Most folks just know Outlook as the program that sends, receives, and stores emails. But, it is much more.

Outlook 2016 tools include a task manager, note-taking capabilities, a journal, a calendar, and web browsing as well as its email function.

Folks who use these easy-to-learn tools find that their workday is more efficient, easier, and more productive. But, what we are looking at right now is the email part and how Outlook 2016 can make your “email life” more organized and help you avoid the long searches for that “missing email.”

The first and best part of Outlook 2016 is that it not only organizes your emails but integrates them with your scheduling and your work. This software tool organizes contacts, to-do lists, specific tasks, calendars, as well as your emails in one location.

When you receive important emails it is easy to quickly convert them into appointments, jobs to do, phone numbers, names, and email addresses. Learning to do this is easy. And, the end result is that it becomes easy and second nature to track down that important email and all of the associated information that you are looking for.

FAST Email Searches with Office 365 and Outlook 2016

When you upgrade to Office 365 and are using Outlook 2016, your email searches are sent directly to the online server for Office 365 and not carried out by the software on your computer. This results in faster and more comprehensive email searches. Faster searches are possible because Microsoft is using a new technology, named “FAST.” More comprehensive searches are possible because you do not need to do secondary searches online for archived emails when your first search was unsuccessful. This feature is unique to Office 365 which includes the newest, fastest, and best email and organizational system, Outlook 2016.

Upgrade to Office 365 Today

M365 Apps
Power of M365 Apps

The Office 365 features that make you more efficient and productive at work are not just those of Outlook 2016. Office 365 lets you work more efficiently away from the office, network on Skype for Business for group meetings, and collaborate on work projects with your fellow workers. Upgrade to Office 365 and increase your work efficiency by cleaning up and speeding up your email inbox, and a lot more!

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