May 15, 2020

How Can You Shorten a Business Crisis?

Fix This Next
By: Ronald B. Allen

Effective business crisis management can make the difference between the failure of your enterprise and a return to growth and profits. And, while knowing how to survive a business crisis is important, so is getting things back in order in the most expeditious manner. How can you shorten a business crisis? With that question in mind, we would like to provide several tips for shortening a business crisis.

Focus Your Efforts

The first and perhaps most important way to shorten and reduce the damage of a business crisis is to get past the shock and desperation that overwhelms many business owners when a crisis hits. It is a lot easier to focus your efforts when you have effective business processes in place such as when you use the Fix This Next approach to business management. The Fix This Next system helps you identify the core issues that are constantly reducing your efficiency and your profits. It does this by drilling down to the details, providing lasting solutions, and then setting up tracking systems that alert you to problems before they blossom out of control.

Base Your Actions on Hard Data and Sound Evaluation

Here, again, is where using the Fix This Next system comes into the picture. Too many business managers are caught in a perpetual survival trap in which they are continually fixing minor problems again and again. This is because they have not identified the core issues that are causing all other problems. With a Fix This Next coach at your side, you will be able to fix this issue and have a more efficient and profitable business. And, you will have more time to think creatively, work on ways to expand your business, and have time for a private life. When a crisis hits, the skills learned using Fix This Next on a day to day basis will inform your decisions, how you use information, and the soundness of your evaluation processes.

Test, Test, and Test

During normal times the best businesses institute tracking processes to make sure that their operations are smooth and efficient. This is doubly important during a crisis. During normal times a bad business decision will hurt your business. During a crisis a bad business decision will spell disaster. The precision that comes with using Fix This Next will get your business back on track sooner as you institute changes, track those changes, and then move to the next issue.

Integrate Your Solutions into Your Business Going Forward

There is a temptation, when a business crisis passes, to heave a sigh of relief and go back to business as normal. Unfortunately, this lets the hidden costs that drain your business reassert themselves. When you are coming out of a crisis mode is a great time to take what you have learned, codify it, and install processes that will help you maintain peak efficiency and profitability into the long term future.

Use Fix This Next during a Crisis and Always

Fix This Next is not rocket science. That is to say, the steps are easy to learn and when you need help a Fix This Next coach like Exigo Business Solutions can help you over the rough spots. But, for Fix This Next to help your business during normal times or during a business crisis, you need to learn it and you need to use it.

For more information about how you can speed your exit from a business crisis using the Fix This Next system, contact us at Exigo Business Solutions in the Kansas City area today.

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