March 10, 2020

HD Video, Digital White-boards with Office365

Small Business
Ronald B. Allen

You do business in several states or several countries. You need to meet with both employees and clients on a regular basis. Gone are the days when you needed to travel long distances to stay in touch. Many times a simple phone call is all that is needed to touch base with a customer or get an update from a distant employee. But, there are times when you need to “sit down” for a meeting with folks who live and work hundreds and thousands of miles away. And, of course, there is cost to consider as well. Well, today you can meet with HD video, digital white-boards and more on Skype for Business with Office365.

Voice, Video, and Information Sharing

There are many reasons why you may be setting up a “conference call” with several key employees. All of your purposes will be better served when each of you can hear everyone else, see everyone else, and share pertinent information in real time. When you integrate Skype for Business with Office365 you can save money on travel and hotel rooms, meet from your office during office hours, and meet online with as many as two hundred and fifty people.

This state of the art setup lets you share your screen and show PowerPoint presentations, with your annotations in real time. You can use online whiteboards, run real-time polling of participants, provide question and answer features, and multi-person instant messaging.

High definition video gives Skype for Business in the Office365 suite of products a true face to face experience. And, when this setup is connected to your Office365 you will have any and all necessary information at your fingertips! Gone are the days when you needed to send someone to look for a bit of information, a graph, or a spreadsheet to show to the group. The connection to Office365 does the “running” for you.

Skype for Business in Office365

Skype for Business comes as part of the suite of Office 365 products. Simply download it from the Office 365 portal to install on your computer. This is a ten to fifteen minute task.

Note: If you already have a version of Office365 such as the Mid-size or Small Business Premium and decide to upgrade to Office 365 Business or Business Premium, you will need to reinstall after the upgrade.

So, don’t put up with simple conference calls, after which you need to send emails with attachments to make your point. Meet with HD video, digital white-boards, and more on Skype for Business with Office365. Upgrade today and make your video conferences more efficient, productive, and cost-effective from day one.

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