February 12, 2020

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What Companies Should Use Gravity Accounting Software?

The dream of any small business is to become a medium-sized business and then a very profitable large business. One of the many issues to deal with on the path to small, medium, and then large-business success is your accounting software. A bookkeeping program that works well for a small business may start to show signs of stress as the company grows. If you are lucky, your accounting software comes in several versions that allow you to scale up, at least to a degree. But, what happens when you reach the top of your current accounting software’s abilities? This can happen, even in a medium-sized business, when you start working out of several different locations. It can be more of a problem when you want to take advantage of working online and integrating the front office and back office functions of our business. An excellent choice for the growing mid-size business is Gravity Software. What companies should use Gravity Software?

Gravity Software for Fully Integrating Your Business Functions

Gravity accounting software is a cloud-based solution to multiple accounting and other business needs. The system is specifically designed to integrate customer relations management with your basic (and advanced) accounting functions. The goal of creating this software was to come up with a program that helps increase sales productivity and customer loyalty, upgrade customer service, and increase sales across the board. The point was to do this while maintaining the sort of solid accounting and business intelligence solutions that modern business accounting needs. The result was a cloud-based accounting solution that allows easy navigation back and forth between “back office” number crunching and “front office” marketing, sales, and service. As the top accounting firm in the Kansas City area, we have clients who have come to need this accounting software “upgrade” and have been impressed with the results when it has been employed.

Gravity Software and the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Platform
Gravity Software and the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Platform

Gravity Software and the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Platform

For a growing business, it is important to keep track of the numbers in order to envision and carry out new business solutions. And, for a growing business, it is important that all parts of the business stay connected. When you started with a small office, communication often involved turning your head to talk to one or your employees and as your business grew you perhaps had to walk to another office. With the internet and office networks, you could communicate online but not share information in real time.

Cloud-based accounting solutions let you keep in touch even when out of the office or when your sales staff is looking for business somewhere else on the planet. This is where your accounting software, that was great for years, starts to show signs of wear and tear. Gravity Software is built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. The system lets you integrate with solutions like job costing from Cumulus Apps or customer engagement from Microsoft. Here are more of the excellent features of Gravity Software.

Multiple Entities in One Database with Gravity Software

Allowing more than one person to work in a database at one time is a chore for some types of accounting software. However, Gravity Software allows five legal entities to work in a database, share or secure data as needed, and provide customized reports by individual business location, the entire organization or by region, product, or whatever category you may choose.  

With Gravity Software, you can share master files including vendors, customers and, charts of accounts. This can be all inclusive across all business entities or restricted as needed.

Consolidating multi-entry and multi-tiered data into useful and insightful reports is a must for a growing organization and Gravity Software does this well.

Automatic management of accounting between business entities is carried out routinely by Gravity Software. Because Gravity Software is a robust solution for a growing, multi-location business, there is no unnecessary waiting to close the books as it real-time programming and set up simply has to deal with data already within the extended database.

And, because Gravity Software is cloud-based, whatever information you need is available anywhere you have an internet connection and at any time of the day.

Folks who are already using Gravity Software love the real-time dashboards that can be developed by integrating with business intelligence tools like Microsoft Power BI.

Technology Companies Can Use Gravity Software
Technology Companies Can Use Gravity Software

Technology Companies Can Use Gravity Software

One specific type of company that will benefit from Gravity Software in a technology company. Gravity Software was developed with the unique needs of a modern technology company in mind.  

All too often technology companies are forced to do their accounting and handle other business functions piecemeal. With so much business done as managed services and billed monthly tracking employee hours, dispatching technicians to fix things, tracking expenses, and more have all become more complicated. Thus, a technology company that provides sophisticated and integrated software solutions to its customers is losing money by not billing properly and spending too much money by tracking things inefficiently. Business opportunities go missing because CRM is disconnected from basic accounting functions and the reports that they generate.

Too many apps, too many logins, too many separate databases that don’t communicate properly, make accounting for many of today’s high tech companies a low tech nightmare.

The answer, you might have already guessed, is to use Gravity Software. First of all, Gravity has a robust database that handles multiple users and entities. It shares data and secures data as needed and generates meaningful reports. Subscription billing, revenue and expense recognition, billing and time, field service, and sales and marketing are all handled within the same program.

The services that Gravity software offers include, auditing, database access, mobile deployment, replication, reporting, security, and a multi-user interface.

If your business has outgrown one location, includes multiple business entities, or works the tech world, you have one of the companies that should use Gravity Software that does accounting, CRM, and so much more.

For more information about how Gravity Software could be an excellent fit for your business, contact us today at Exigo Business Solutions in the Kansas City area.

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