March 31, 2020

Fixing the Right Things in Your Business

Fix This Next
By: Ronald B. Allen

When the same problems keep popping up in your business in different forms, there is something wrong at the core of your operation. Many business owners get caught in what we refer to as a survival trap in which they apply short term solutions to recurring issues. Are you fixing the right things in your business or are you one of the folks caught in a never-ending cycle of seeing a problem, applying a solution, and then seeing the problem reemerge in a different form? If you see your business in this picture, you need to look into the Fix This Next solution.

Fix This Next

Fix This Next is method developed by Mike Michalowicz. It is designed to identify core business issues and provide remedies. The system looks at the business hierarchy of needs and always fixes the most basic need first. Then it moves to the next issue up the ladder but not before putting in place effective business processes that track the core issue and make sure that it gets and stays fixed.

Thus Fix This Next coaches always work to keep the core of your business healthy as they help you build upon your success in first fixing the right things in your business at the lower levels.

What Business Issues Are We Talking About?

The business hierarchy of needs boils down to this short list:

• Sales

• Profit

• Order

• Impact

• Legacy

Your business needs to have money coming in the door in order to survive and it needs to control costs so that they do not overwhelm your sales and extinguish profits. But, to be really successful, your business needs to be orderly and well-organized with business processes that handle the details with your having to deal with every single little thing.

When these core issues are being dealt with effectively, Fix This Next coaches like Exigo Business Solutions will look at the impact your business is having in its business niche and on the community. Here is where we look to see if your employees and clients are supportive of your business to the point of promoting it for you. This begins to happen when you have been able to get out of the survival trap, effectively fix core issues and build from there. All along the way, fixing the right things in in your business next is the key. If you are interested in learning more about Fix This Next and how this approach can help your business, contact us at Exigo Business Solutions today.

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