March 31, 2020

Gain More Financial with PowerPivot Reports

QuickBooks Online
By: Ronald B. Allen

If you want to run a successful business you need to keep track of your finances. And then you need financial reports that provide useful information and actionable insights. The best bookkeeping and accounting tool for a small business is QuickBooks. A great way to analyze and report on your finances is with PowerPivot by Microsoft.


QuickBooks is a bookkeeping and accounting software package that can be installed on an office computer or used online as a “cloud” version. The cloud version allows your business to accept payments, do payroll, and pay bills online. QuickBooks has versions made specifically for wholesalers, contractors, non-profits, retailers, manufacturers, and professional accountants who provide services to all business types. To get a clear idea of how well your business is doing and what you can do better, you need to start with reliable and informative bookkeeping. In this regard, we at Exigo Business Solutions are QuickBooks ProAdvisors, ready to help you with top-of-the-line bookkeeping and accounting services using QuickBooks. And, one of the report tools that we find useful for our clients in Microsoft PowerPivot.

Microsoft PowerPivot

PowerPivot comes as an add-on with Microsoft Excel. But, PowerPivot is a lot more than a spreadsheet.! PowerPivot is an instance of Microsoft Analysis Services. The full name is a mouthful, Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services or SSAS for short.

PowerPivot (SSAS) really is a tool for data mining and analytic processing within SQL Server. SSAS is a standard tool used in the business world for analysis and making sense of lots of information that is spread out within the organization and is housed on various platforms such as databases and tables or warehoused for later retrieval. PowerPivot by way of SSAS integrates information, analyzes it, and provides readable and actionable reports. The report can be sets of tables or can be multidimensional. This The later type lets you look at your financial information from a variety of viewpoints and even generate “what if” scenarios to which you will get the answers on the spot.

How PowerPivot Works

As with using the basic Excel spreadsheets, you start in PowerPivot by creating a data a model. This is a set of programmatically related tables. These tables can be from many different sources so long as they can be “connected” by the program either on one computer, a computer network, or via the internet.

If you are familiar with Excel, much of PowerPivot works the same. In Excel, you will import data, create tables, edit data, and create relationships between the tables and create calculations. So far the processes are similar although at each step PowerPivot gives you a bit more. Then PowerPivot lets you create hierarchies, key performance indicators, and perspectives. Excel does not have any of these features.

The creation of Pivot Tables is similar with both but PowerPivot gives you a more robust way to create reports with more information, more easily understood, and clearer for making important business decisions.

The bottom line is to get accurate information with you bookkeeping and then use a powerful analytics tool like PowerPivot to generate reports that let you see what you need to see in order to make profitable financial decisions.

If you need help with your accounting or bookkeeping, contact us at Exigo Business Solutions for a free consultation and we can ensure you are on the financial path for success.

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